Korean BBQ at Home by Realpork

#110, Nat Mauk Yeik Thar Lane Road, Bahan Township, Yangon Yangon Yangon Region MM

Realpork is a new grilled pork restaurant where you can get authentic Korean bbq. This restaurant only specializes in pork and they have a variety of dishes including Topokki, soup, stew, noodles, and steak. They are now delivering 12pm – 9pm.

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BB Chicken — a barbeque restaurant , their main dish is grilled Chicken.They are well known for the crispy skin of the meat. The shop is giving offers such as free delivery for this month so make sure to check out their Facebook page to order or call the provided numbers.


“Poe Ferments” make delicious and nutritious Kombucha and other ferments using homegrown ingredients which are packed with probiotics and amino acids. Please kindly check their page for more products.

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