Ready-to-eat food is food that do not need to be cooked or reheated before serving. This includes salads, cooked meats, smoked fish, desserts, sandwiches, cheese and food that has been prepared in advance and can be served immediately, ready to eat!


Home Chef Myanmar is a consumer, e-enterprise that introduces customers to a new food experience by bringing meals made by talented home chefs to people in search of a healthier, unique and more homely alternative to eating out.

Order to experience a whole new paradigm of eating hygienic, healthy, and tasty food (that is not from a restaurant) from the comforts of your home.

They currently have a lot of Indian dishes. They accept COD/KBZ Pay and WaveMoney.

Yogurt is made by adding a number of types of harmless bacteria to milk, causing it to ferment. This thickens it and gives it its characteristically tangy flavour. Their live yogurt has been fermented with live culture bacteria. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a fresh, slightly tangy flavour. We also have set yogurt which is allowed to set in the pot , so has a firmer texture than other yogurts, but is still creamy and smooth.
09 260 597 01009 260 597 010

JAPFA Best focusing on the Frozen food using the best quality of products and heritage recipes which could delights in just 5 minutes.

09 691 02578909 691 025789
Crispy Crispy is a place, selling fresh and safety homemade foods. And they only use high quality imported product for their customers.
09 45453 585809 45453 5858

Maans Charcoal Grill by KSS is an online halal venture by KSS Group. The menu is inspired by Indian and Pakistani spices. Grilled on charcoal fire, kebabs and other Indian food are available. Orders can be made 3 hours ahead on Facebook or hotline.


Sausages and Meats of European standard are locally produced at Prime Cut located in Inya Lake Hotel, Yangon. Their healthiest and delicious sausages are served in major International hotels in Myanmar. Call 09 73085029 to home deliver your order now.

09 756 19183309 756 191833

Beirut is bringing original Lebanese food straight from their great grandmothers recipes to your doorstep. Offering a wide range of healthy options made with fresh ingredients. They are a cloud kitchen: all of their delicious food are available to order through messenger, no dine-in.


“Poe Ferments” make delicious and nutritious Kombucha and other ferments using homegrown ingredients which are packed with probiotics and amino acids. Please kindly check their page for more products.

☎️ 09977792204 ☎️ 09428223540☎️ 09977792204 ☎️ 09428223540

BB Chicken — a barbeque restaurant , their main dish is grilled Chicken.They are well known for the crispy skin of the meat. The shop is giving offers such as free delivery for this month so make sure to check out their Facebook page to order or call the provided numbers.


Taw Thu Ma is another branch of the Feel Restaurants — barbeque restaurant that offers Chinese and Burmese dishes. They are also offering delivery services, you can check out their Facebook page for the items available. One day preorder is recommended for the best preparation for the customers.


La Boulangerie Française Yangon is a social business aiming at self funding a bakery and pastry vocational training for disadvantaged Myanmar youths. Discover their brand new San Francisco sourdough loaf (500g). 4500 MMK only. Available every day 7AM onwards.Pick up downtown or delivery. Place order 36h in advance via our Facebook page, or YD2D, or email [email protected]

09 261 389 33009 261 389 330

There is something comforting about a bowl of pasta that can’t be replicated by any other food. Looking for somewhere to get your fill of spaghetti? A corner to consume lasagna or devour al dente tagliatelle in peace? Pasta Pronto is Finally here for you check out their Facebook page to order or call the provided numbers.


U Naw is another branch of the Feel Restaurant and is an online delivery service. They are starting delivery prices from 2,000 kyats. They offer a variety of Burmese , Japanese cuisine and even bubble tea. You can order your meal at


My Taste by Thae is a pastry shop online, with unique designs for their cakes and they have XXL burgers and fries for 25,000 kyats. They have a variety from eclairs to garlic cheese breads. Check out their Facebook page to see their menu and order.


Mi Ma is a home baker who only bakes bread with sourdough. Follow her journey in sourdough bread making. You can order their fresh home made bread via their messenger.


A fresh create homemade healthy and tasty food using organic natural products minus the chemicals and preservatives. Please kindly check their Facebook to order variety of menus.


Realpork is a new grilled pork restaurant where you can get authentic Korean bbq. This restaurant only specializes in pork and they have a variety of dishes including Topokki, soup, stew, noodles, and steak. They are now delivering 12pm – 9pm.


Since 1996, Sharky’s has been rigorously dedicated to providing patrons with foods crafted from only the best quality, and whenever possible, local Myanmar ingredients. Full menus available online including

  • Roast Duck by Sharky’s Yangon Roast
    Half Duck MMK15,000
  • Cold Roast Duck by Sharky’s Yangon Roast
    Half Duck MMK11,000
  • Roast Chicken – Sharky’s well loved rotisserie slow roasted chicken served with Sharky’s Fries and Garlic Cream
  • Pizza / Burger / Hotdogs /Sandwiches
  • And much more!

Sharky’s delivers 9am – 8pm Daily. Orders may be placed 24 hours a day for pick up or delivery. Online orders for delivery placed outside Sharky’s delivery hours will be sent to you the following day. 9am-8pm. Please indicate your preferred delivery time and any special information for delivery.

09 969 01200009 969 012000

Rasa Sayang is a new Singaporean Peranakan food stand in Yangon. They currently have three flavors with Curry Chicken (Potato) , Spicy Mala Chicken and Sardine & Onion. Their starting price is 24,000 kyats for 12 puffs. Check out their Facebook page to order in advance.


Bringing innovation from wolf kitchen to your homes with their special sauces, honey, salts, chocolates and healthy meal plans – Keto, Paleo and Vegan. They take pride in offering global flavors from Myanmar to the world.

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