APEX Gourmet Co., Ltd. is a consolidated food and beverage distributing company that inspires our culinary world with premium delicacy food produce.

Established in 2013, and part of APEX Hospitality Group, APEX Gourmet has been inspiring professional chefs and novice cooks with our extensive range of fresh quality food and beverage, carefully and expertly sourced from across the 7 continents.

As a well-established importer and sole distributor, we take pride in our premium cuts of meat and wines – a diverse selection of top-notch produce from the United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and beyond.

We continue to maintain our hallmarks of quality, service and integrity. Our international teams of culinary professionals endeavor to search for the best foods the world has to offer. We anticipate and manage food trends, optimize purchasing and supply chain capabilities to make available and accessible these quality products, under food-safe and hygienic conditions.

With products sourced and selected from across the globe, APEX Gourmet is a food emporium focused on providing natural ingredients produced by experts in their field.

Our staff are able to guide your selection and offer you informed and welcoming service.


Central Zay is an online grocery store which offers various kinds of meats and wines. Shop our wide selection of specially packaged fresh meats and great selection of wines, Satisfaction Guaranteed!


City Mall Online delivers Groceries,Meat, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Baby Needs, Books, Beauty, Electronics and Medicines to your doorstep. Shop from a selection of more than 12,000 products and get your order delivered to you as early as next day.


Started in 2015, shortly after the liberalization of the wine market in Myanmar, Thee Wine started with The Goal of being recognized as always offering wines that over deliver their value. Putting their customer at the centre of activity, is reflected in their name. ‘Thee’ is an old English term for Your, put together, Thee Wine stands for “Your Wine”. With this selfless approach they strongly emphasize in the fact that their wine selection is developed in a way that their wines are wines for You! Thee Wine, is also to be intended in making a play-on-words with Divine, with an allusion to the ancient times when Wine was associated with Gods, therefor being Divine.

Myanmar’s first Premium Rum that uses both local Yamanay wood and American oakwood to create an incredibly smooth and layered flavor profile. Loved by connoisseurs from Yangon to London to Bangkok. Proudly made in Myanmar, the rum contains 40 per cent alcohol and comes in four sizes. You can order via their Messenger and delivery fees may vary depending on the distance.

Started on the right foot with a pay-as-you-feel concept, this small bar is now a familiar name among Yangon diners looking for fancy yet affordable drinks. It offers coffee strong enough to kick you out of the bed and cocktails ideal for a nightcap


The first microbrewery in Myanmar, Burbrit delivers its crafted beer cans directly to your doorstep, cooled and packed in ice boxes. They come in six-pack and it’s Ks12,000 per pack for the whole month of October. Choose from four flavours and order any two packs to enjoy free delivery. Direct message them or call 09 774 734 774 or 09 950 962 119 for the next day delivery.

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