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5 best staycation deals for February

Make unforgettable memories with your significant other in the month of love with these staycation deals. Love is in the air!

Get Electronics At Your Doorstep – Shopping Online

During recent years, several companies have been trying to take charge of the development of online shopping in Myanmar and it has reached a point where online shopping platforms in Myanmar are becoming used by citizens regularly. Here is our take on some of the more popular ones:

Indoor fun for rainy days

Yangon’s rain is unforgiving. If you feel bored and gloomy at home, why not visit these indoor playgrounds. Some of them are child-friendly, so you can bring your little ones. Reservation is highly recommended.

8 Bars to try at Yangon Night Market

The new bars at Yangon's Nightmarket has added a well-needed flair to this interesting idea of a "night market" in between two busy roads. The containers sized bars and restaurants sit against the backdrop of the rush hour traffic of Strand Road, many across from the beautiful Rosewood Hotel. Here is a list of bars that are now open.

Six new restaurants and bars to try in July

Looking for new places to have a chill night out with friends or a coffee date with your loved ones? Here are six restaurants and bars in Yangon that are newly opened for you to try in July.

Cocktail Deliveries for Happy Hours at Home

Friday is coming up and if you are missing your favourite cocktails and still not willing to go out, here is the list of places where you can get cocktail delivery service.

The Blessing : The Finest Garlic Oil Noodle in town

What is it and the atmosphere?   Kyay Zuu Daw (The Blessing) : the classic noodle restaurant has been the talk of the town for over...

Bamboo Korean BBQ Restaurant : Keep Calm, Grill & Chew

Pay days are the best time to treat yourself with a heavenly feast while spending the quality moment with your beloved ones. Therefore, I...

See food and Eat food : Dory Garden Restaurant

What is it?   This week, I visited a restaurant which is a new face to me although it's been over a year since opening. Dory...

Let’s play badminton! 11 courts & classes in Yangon

Yangon is famous for premium gyms and luxurious swimming pools. But do you know that it is also a great place for playing and...

A Guide to Yoga studios in Yangon

Another year has passed and it’s a new beginning. It would be the best time for transforming yourself – a new year, a new...

Yangon Bars You Can Catch the Prem’ in

Undeniably the most entertaining sports league in the world, the Premier League starts anew this week. Will the United duo come up with more...

Camping trips in and around Yangon

The air is dry and the weather is cooler. Now is the best time to go camping and on a short trip! Booking is...

New Guidance for applying Myanmar Tourist E-Visa

In support of tourism development, Myanmar's online e-visa services have started again.   Since the Covid-19 diagnosis confirmed rate and infection rate dropped, Myanmar reopened entry...

Travel guide for expats

If you ever have to travel around Myanmar and wonder what you need to bring with you, this guide can be of help. The...