Yangon City at Junction – Discussion with Prof. Dr. Kyaw Lat

    January 14, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm Asia/Yangon Timezone
    Goethe-Institut Myanmar
    Kabar Aye Pagoda Road
    next to Golden Butterfly Hotel, Yangon
    Myanmar (Burma)
    Goethe-Institut Myanmar
    01 937 6160
    Yangon City at Junction - Discussion with Prof. Dr. Kyaw Lat @ Goethe-Institut Myanmar | Yangon | Myanmar (Burma)

    Growing without Losing Identity?
    Shaping the Future of an Attractive and Livable Metropolis

    Discussion with Prof. Dr. Kyaw Lat
    (Architect and urban planner)

    Yangon has changed in the past five years more intensely than in many decades before. Contruction sites everywhere, new buildings reducing the greenery, luxury malls and office towers exceeding any conceivable demand, fly-overs at the most congested crossroads etc.

    But is there a design, a plan, at best a vision in which direction this rapid growth should go ? To ask the citizens, the people of Yangon about the future look of their city has little tradition in Myanmar. If that is so do the responsible urban planners have a clear idea about the opportunities and the challenges which the rapidly changing city is facing ? Are they aware of the mistakes the neighbouring mega-cities have committed in the recent past ? What are their solutions for the most crucial problems of Yangon: exploding traffic, precarious mass transportation, dwindling fresh water supply, seweage and garbage disposal, and last but not least how will the inherited beautiful caracteristics of Yangon survive the necessary modernization of the city ?

    Those questions will be discussed by Prof. Dr. Kyaw Lat from the perspective of his experience as one of the most authoritative advisors in planning Yangon’s future.


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