Treeveller | Art Exhibition

    June 28, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    Bothtaung Tsp
    No. 102 Bogalay Zay St, Yangon
    Myanmar (Burma)
    09 778 949170
    Treeveller | Art Exhibition @ Pansuriya | Yangon | Yangon Region | Myanmar (Burma)

    Treeveller | Art Exhibition

    Opening ceremony : 28 June (Friday) 6 PM–10 PM
    Exhibition Running: 28 June – 4 July 2019

    Tamalar, artist

    Tamalar’s paintings are colourful, imaginative, multi-layered and textured. He prefers to paint on textured objects like bamboo fibres and tissue rather than plain canvas. His works are inspired by the nature of his childhood memories growing up in Karen State. Most of Tamalars’s paintings give an abstract first impression, but a closer look reveals a lot of details and layers integrated in the paintings.
    Tamalar was born in Lamine, Mon State in 1978 and finished his education at the State School of Fine Arts in Yangon. Since graduating in 2004 he has been a full time artist. His paintings are semi-abstracts with expressive colour patterns and a distinct techniques. He is more comfortable with the acrylic medium but sometimes also spray paints, based on his feelings. His first solo exhibition was shown in 2014 in Yangon. His works have been shown in several exhibitions, not only in Myanmar but also in foreign countries.
    His Treeveller series highlights the preciousness and serenity of the environment and contrasts it to deforestation, violence and turbulent politics of Myanmar. The trees are a reflection of refugees fleeing war. His vision of a nature at peace inspired him to paint the Treeveller series.
    “The main idea behind the Treeveller series is to highlight the value of nature and the beauty of the environment that surrounds us. I have noticed the negative impacts of deforestation in my native state, but this is a problem that is getting worse across Myanmar. These paintings combine, in a way, my childhood memories of people fleeing my village because of fighting and images of the trees that are now threatened by deforestation. The more educated we are, the more we should realise the importance of coexisting in harmony with nature. We can’t get back what we have lost, but I hope that these paintings can act as a source of inspiration to people to do more to protect our precious nature. I sincerely hope that the positive tone in my paintings leaves a mark on the observer. Let’s work together to plant more trees for the sake of our environment!”


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