Saxo Evening – Live Performance by “Where is Charlie?”

    September 13, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
    Yangon Excelsior
    Bo Soon Pat Street
    Myanmar (Burma)
    Yangon Excelsior
    01 925 3861
    Saxo Evening – Live Performance by “Where is Charlie?” @ Yangon Excelsior | Yangon | Yangon Region | Myanmar (Burma)

    Come mix and mingle with old and new friends, enjoy delicious food and drink, and dance to the smooth melodies of the saxophone performed by the legendary “ Where is Charlie?” band at The Newsroom Café Deli on Sept. 13. Passionate tunes led by Swiss artist Charles-David Hay and talented musicians are setting up for an unforgettable Friday evening. ENTRANCE IS FREE.

    ▪ Time: 19:00 – 21:30 | Friday 13 September, 2019
    ▪ Venue: The Newsroom Café Deli
    ▪ Entrance: Free
    ▪ Food & Drink: Available for purchase throughout the evening
    Table reservation is recommended. A reserved table will be released if no show after 19:00.
    About “Where is Charlie?” band

    Born as a result of a shared passion for music and embracing cultural diversity, ‘Where is Charlie?’ has been performing throughout South East Asia on various stages since the end of 2015.

    Who is Charlie?
    Charles-David Hay Biography: Charles-David Hay (Geneva, 10. 09. 1990), has always been blanketed by a warm layer of music — with a great-grandpa being a conductor for philharmonic orchestra, a father running a jazz club and many other family members performing on the Swiss music scene. It was no surprise, when at the age of three, he swelled his first notes on a cello.

    Then when he was ten, Charles joined EPI (Espace de Pratique Instrumentale) where he started playing the guitar under the little-known Kiet Nguyen. It was then, under the tutelage of Kiet, that Charles began to drink the sorrowful, yet soulful nectar of the blues, driving him to play in bands with similar tones and tastes. At the age of 17, Charles began teaching at EPI.

    In January 2011, Charles left Europe and moved to Vietnam where he was teaching music to physically and mentally disabled persons, under the NGO Maison Chance Vietnam. Then in 2014, he packed his bags once more and headed to Myanmar where he founded the
    blues band Where is Charlie?

    To this day, Charles’ musical prerogative has always been to create a space where he and other musicians can express their experiences, favoring emotionally driven interpretations rather than placing a heavy adherence to technical skill.Charles intends to spread this message far and wide with his sights currently set on Southeast and Central Asia. Where isn’t Charlie?



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