Saturday, July 4, 2020

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This Week in Yangon (June 23 – 28)

The energy is coming back! The shopping malls are filling up, traffic congestion is (unfortunately) back and life is surprisingly quick to come back to a normal. However, the restrictions on Visa and International flights and mass gatherings are still in place till June 30, awaiting further updates. On the positive side, long-distance buses operate again and restaurants, cafes, tea shops and markets are mostly open too, with social distancing measures.

Cocktail Deliveries for Happy Hours at Home

Friday is coming up and if you are missing your favourite cocktails and still not willing to go out, here is the list of places where you can get cocktail delivery service.

This Week in Yangon

With the new curfew time from midnight, the nightlife of Yangon is coming back. Quarantine is also being removed at more places around the country, enabling domestic travel and a chance to change the scenery as our article below share tips on.

How to kill your boredom during self-isolation

Although Yangon has not totally shut down yet the roads are almost empty since restaurants are only allowed to take away service to maintain...

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Mar 27 – 29

Well... Yangonites, Situations are not good in Yangon as COVID-19 is finally here and three people are already hit now, we don't know what's coming...

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Mar 20 -22

With the global pandemic threat COVID-19 still goes on, most of the events are canceled according to the warnings by government. So, here’s our...

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Mar 13 – 15

Here’s our snippet of things to do in Yangon this weekend. Friday Tropical Night at The Penthouse Put yourself in a warmer state of mind this Saturday...

Things to do in Yangon this weekend: Mar 6 – 8

Here’s our snippet of things to do in Yangon this weekend. Mar 6 - 8 Tastefully Myanmar Expo 2020  Myanmar Biggest Food and Drink Expo open to...

Latest news

[The Adaptors] Pablo Aloy Gomez of Meliá Yangon share how they have been adapting and the importance of always staying positive

Meliá Yangon was one of the first hotels' in Yangon to open up for the public. This was the result of a lot of planning and preparations. Mr Pablo Aloy Gomez, a GM of Meliá Hotels International for over 20 years across three continents, share what they did and his views.

A Guide to Popular Spas and Wellness Centres in Yangon

Having a spa day is one of the best ways to pamper yourself after a stressful day or a...

November 8 Is Election Day For Myanmar! (Not USA)

Come November 2020 flags will fly, rallies will fill the streets as election fever hit’s Myanmar. From downtown Yangon into the hills of Rakhine the Union Election Commission will send Electoral Officers through civil wars and wild tigers; trekking, by boat, dirty road, motorbike or foot into isolated mountainous outposts to guarantee free and fair elections.
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