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7 Restaurants That Will Give an Aesthetical Old Burma Atmosphere #ExploreYangon

Myanmar culture intrigues many visitors and locals. Some restaurants store a few historical pieces for those who would like to reimagine Burma. Here are seven restaurants that will give an aesthetical old Burma atmosphere.

[Yangon] Drinks for delivery

Drinks make good times better and bad times bearable. Yangon bars and restaurants are trying their best to offer the most creative cocktails and...

Yangon restaurants for takeaway & delivery

Since 8 September, all the restaurants in Yangon Region can serve takeaway and delivery only. Here's a list of eateries you can order. Plan...

Guide to Mala Xiang Guo Shops You Need To Try

Guide to Mala Xiang Guo restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Mala Xiang Guo is a Chinese dish made by stir-frying, you can pick the texture whether you want soup or dry pot. It often contains meat and vegetables and has a salty and numbing taste. The population of Yangonites likes these types of food as you can pick and scale your food. Mala Xiang Guo is often shared with a group of friends and people enjoy the spiciness together.

[Yangon] 9 sushi spots for every budget

Sushi can be a simple meal or sophisticated cuisine based on your spending. From wallet-friendly options to boutique dining experiences, this list may cover some of the best sushi spots in Yangon.

7 Places to Try in August – Restaurants and Bars Guide

Yangon's F&B scene is bubbling again! Here are seven restaurants and bars for you to explore in August. 

10 of the best halal restaurants in Yangon

The four-day Eid celebration is upon us. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the best halal food in Yangon.

Rakhine Mote T – A Cure for the Rainy Season

Rakhine Mote T and Rainy Season are two things that are always compatible with each other - the spiciness of it balances out the coldness of the weather. Originated from Rakhine from Western Myanmar, Rakhine Mote T is one of the most loved ethnic food in Myanmar. Try out this famous mouthwatering dish to beat the monsoon season.