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Locally made cotton clothing to beat the summer heat

When the weather is burning hot during in Yangon and other cities across the country, some nice local made cotton clothing is a nice cure, especially for those who still have to go out for work. Hope this guide can help you find clothes to keep your body cool and comfortable.

[Pets] Where to buy food and accessories for your furry friends online

It's time to spoil our fur babies with their favourite food, snacks and toys. Here are some of the pet shops that deliver to your home in Yangon.

Four online shops to buy scented candles in yangon

Scented candles is a great way to relax and stay clam. They are known to help you relax your body and soul, reduce your anxiety and stress and create an ambience of relaxation. These four places sell differnet candles in Yangon.

Mother’s Day or Your Birthday? These bakeries and floral shops deliver in Yangon

Due to the lockdown in Yangon, are you worried about not being able to celebrate your or your beloved’s birthday or Mother’s Day which...

Streaming Now in May 2020

Streaming Now is a series of TV shows, films, comedy shows and everything you can watch on Streaming apps available in Myanmar as a...

You can now Cook Your Favourite Dishes from Pixar Films with Your Favourite Characters

According to its new cooking videos on Youtube, Pixar has introduced a series “Cooking with Pixar” – a collection of recipes inspired by the...

Enjoy Star Wars Day at fullest with these franchise films and games

Today, May 4 celebrates George Lucas's Star Wars media franchise all over the world. This observance of the commemorative day has spread quickly through...

How to disinfect yourself and your home

Just going out for grocery shopping is not the same as before anymore, due to the situations out there. People are becoming more cautious...