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5 New Cafés in Yangon to try in August – Your Local Café Guide

A café is not only about its coffee, but also how its service and environment makes you feel when grabbing a cup of coffee on a busy day or sipping on an espresso during a relaxing coffee break. After the lockdown, several interesting cafes have appeared in Yangon. These are our pick of five cafés to check out for August.

[New Opening] HOUSE OF BREAD – French Bread in Yangon

House of Bread is a French artisanal bakery cafe inspired by the French boulangerie. They offer different varieties of European pastries alongside freshly customized coffee beans.

The Ultimate Guide to Bubble Tea in Yangon

Bubble tea trend in Myanmar has skyrocketed in recent years. This is our guide to the international bubble tea brands available in Myanmar to make sure you know which drink is made for you.

[New Opening]: Grilled Gourmet Sandwiches by Soul Made

Soul Made offers freshly grilled gourmet sandwiches and gives off the wonderful aroma of newly brewed coffee. Soul Made, itself stands out between other vendors as it gives off a dark and classy look. The menu itself is affordable for the amount of product you are getting. Soul Made has seven varieties of gourmet sandwiches combined with their handmade sauces and spreads. The sandwich was quite filling and would be perfect for people grabbing a bite before class or work. They support and use local coffee beans and are ground at their shop, making your coffee fresh. 

7 best specialty coffee shops in Yangon

As Yangonites have demanded better beans, the number of cafes that serve specialty coffee has risen in the recent years. Life starts after a cup of coffee and we will show you how. 

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