Monday, July 13, 2020


Rain Cafe: Desserts and instagrammable moments

Yangon has a new contender on the cafe scene. With on outlet in Junction City and a new one on Bo Myat Htun road,...

Four Seasons Steamboat: A Hot Pot Experience at home

Four Seasons Steamboat Restaurant decided that when they can't be open, why not bring their hot pot experience to your home. Two people will deliver a full set of vegetables and meats together with the broths of your choice and the equipment to boil it. The day after they will come and pick it up.

Couscous Kitchen: A home-cooked meal of North African flavors

Couscous Kitchen was started as one of the many cloud kitchen concepts launched by the team behind Penthouse and Pegaz Solutions, and the idea was to bring this home-cooked meal to everyone wishing to explore the tastes and flavors of the most famous North African dish.

Fine Dining Delivered by Chef ORNG – 2018 Chef of the Year

Chef ORNG, known for his creativity and experimentation, just launched a four course dinner delivered to your door - a plated dinner, warm enough to be immediately served as it arrives, with all the plates collected the next day. The only thing missing from this fine dining experience is the waiter and sommelier.

Authentic fresh Mandalay noodles for takeaway

One of the most enjoyable things when visiting Mandalay is the abundance of great quality breakfast/noodle places. Mandalay Tea Room has for several years been...

DD Chicken Delivery: Juicy Rotisserie Chicken and Sandwiches

Even during the darkest time there are stars - and here we have DD Chicken! Launched a few weeks ago, DD Chicken delivers delicious chickens...

Uncle Tetsu takeaway: Wholesome delicious cheesecakes

A very popular brand in Singapore, Uncle Tetsu has several shops in Yangon satisfying Myanmar's crave for its famous Japanese Cheesecake. You might wonder what...

Parami Pizza Delivery: Smooth and easy, delicious and affordable

Parami Pizza has introduced its “Parami Pizza at Home” menu for those who are craving for its best tastes in Yangon since first week...

Latest news

Where to Buy Healthy and Nutritious Detox Drinks Online

Are you in your practice of cleansing your body and boosting your energy with healthy food and drinks? Detox drinks are known to cleanse your digestive system, your liver and your body and they can enrich a healthy lifestyle. Here are four places where you can buy detox juice online for delivery in Yangon.

Interview about Omnivore by Sharky’s

We sit down with two of founders behind Omnivore by Sharky's - U Ye Htut Win and Htoo Maung to talk about the concept behind and opening up during a crisis such as Covid-19.

What’s popping at Parami Pizza (Downtown)

Parami Pizza Downtown is back with consecutive events for the month of July. The combination of promotion deals, co-hosting...
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