3 books to know more about Myanmar

Myanmar is a complex society which is home to the world’s longest civil war and a cornucopia of ethnic groups. If you want to understand more about the country, you will need to learn historical, political and cultural accounts of it. Perhaps, start with these three books.

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Key Takeaways From TEDxYangonWomen 2020 Conference

This year's event aims to empower people, especially women, to courageously make choices in all aspects of life and find their voice in the community. Diverse participants and speakers regardless of age, gender, and occupation came together this weekend to have engaging and knowledge stimulating conversations during this time of social distancing.

KBZ banks on Master Chef to feed the COVID-19 doctors

“It’s a strength of Myanmar that when the nation faces a tragedy the community rallies together,” said Ye Htut Win, Founder of Sharky’s and Master Chef Myanmar Judge. Together the government and medical staff are tirelessly working to help COVID-19 patients recover. Yet who keeps frontline workers healthy? Right now, it’s Omnivore by Sharky’s and Kaung Lun Lote backed by the financial might of KBZ Bank.

Breathtaking Hidden Gem Lakes in Myanmar You’ve Got to See #ExploreMyanmar

Most visitors missed out on lakes when visiting Myanmar because it seems like a boring activity on the itinerary. In fact, lakes are some of the most astonishing views of the country. Each lake in Myanmar has unique scenery as well as a historic background, and some can even take your breath away. Visit Myanmar like the locals, study the lifestyles, and be part of their daily life. By visiting the lakes, you can get interesting insights into the local life.
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