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Vegado: The Future Of Food

A powerful combination of a love of food, a love of animals, and a desire to protect the environment catapulted Blake Hein Thet and Luis Kanu’s ‘Vegado’ into Yangon's restaurant scene. This is the future of responsible restaurant eating, with near-zero waste, vegan and affordable food.

[Ready-to-Eat Yangon] New Concepts of Breakfast, Fine Dining, Vegan and Tacos!

Thanks to all the innovative entrepreneurs in Yangon, staying at home does not have to be so painful and boring - here is our series of new ready-to-eat delivery concepts, starting with Breakfast, Fine Dining, Vegan and Tacos!

New Wholesale Facility in November – Samanea Yangon Market

An idea envisioned since 2017 is now finally constructed and ready to be showcased to the public hopefully by November. Samanea Yangon Market will be one of Myanmar's first large-scale business wholesale market.

Guide to Mala Xiang Guo Shops You Need To Try

Guide to Mala Xiang Guo restaurants to satisfy your cravings. Mala Xiang Guo is a Chinese dish made by stir-frying, you can pick the texture whether you want soup or dry pot. It often contains meat and vegetables and has a salty and numbing taste. The population of Yangonites likes these types of food as you can pick and scale your food. Mala Xiang Guo is often shared with a group of friends and people enjoy the spiciness together.

[Yangon] 9 sushi spots for every budget

Sushi can be a simple meal or sophisticated cuisine based on your spending. From wallet-friendly options to boutique dining experiences, this list may cover some of the best sushi spots in Yangon.

7 Places to Try in August – Restaurants and Bars Guide

Yangon's F&B scene is bubbling again! Here are seven restaurants and bars for you to explore in August. 

Peranakan snacks in Yangon

Rasa Sayang is a new Singaporean Peranakan snack concept in Yangon! Do you like Curry Puffs? We got our hands on three types

Testing Raw’s new Healthy Lunch Salads

Fan of healthy lifestyles we recently explored the new salads offering from RAW. Known for their healthy juices popular for detox and weight loss purpose, healthy salads for lunch is always appreciated!