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Room 8B, No.270, Pyay Road, Myaynigone, Yangon, Yangon 11111, Myanmar (Burma)

Interior Decoration Services with 15 years experience from Bangkok. Flooring, wiring, ceiling, painting. Kitchen, bath room, customized finished furniture.

Well-trained carpenters with more than 15 years of experience from Bangkok, Thailand are enthusiastic to fulfill your desire in Interior Designing.

Our Services: Space Planning, Conceptual Interior Design, 3D Rendering of Perspective View, Color & Material Proposal, Budget Analysis, Draft & Documentation, Customized Carpentry Design, Ceiling, Painting, Wiring/Cabling, Plumbing Work, Demolishing & Partition, Flooring, Customized Furniture Installation.

No.89, Front Wing (near the main entrance), Bo Gyoke Market, Pabedan Township, Yangon

Yangoods carries on traditions and iconic art from Myanmar, by blending the land’s unique culture with stylish 21st century sensibilities. Colorful and original, Yangoods items are a part of everyday life, as fashion accessories, decorations and as memorable gifts.
Yangoods is structured according to the services company can provide: Fashion Retail, B2B Service and Design Consulting. Fashion retail operates as a fashion, souvenir, deco and lifestyle store. B2B and design consulting services offer a variety of unique gift items and design ideas that can be customized to the customer needs.

Mangosteen Mansion, 24 Inya Myaing Road, Golden Valley, Bahan Township, Yangon, Myanmar

Patrick Robert is an internationally recognized French designer, living in Myanmar more than 20 years, working for the Jet-Set, Hollywood, sport and fashion celebrities, designing and furnishing private residences, boutique hotels, clubs, spas, yachts and plane.

His works appear regularly in international design books and magazines, have received several distinctions and awards worldwide. Visit his artworks established in the classy neighborhood of Golden Valley, in Yangon.

Mangosteen Mansion, vast residence where original collections, porcelain, tribes’ artifacts, rare lacquer ware, old bronze and terracotta, painting are displayed. Discover the Gallery, a museum, a ” cabinet of curiosite” magic and unique space where dream and reality are combined.

Opening hours: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Sunday on appointment only)

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