At The International School Yangon (ISY), textbooks and classrooms are just the start. The true heart of the school beats in service to others. It’s where students discover the difference between simply doing good and enacting meaningful change through empathy and understanding. This ethos aligns closely with the school’s mission to foster a community of compassionate global citizens and its vision to nurture lifelong learners capable of making positive change in the world.

In 2017, ISY transitioned to a service learning program with service embedded into its curriculum as one of its key strategic themes. The student-centered service learning program not only cultivates compassion but also encourages adaptation and innovation throughout the Elementary, Middle, and High School curriculum at ISY.

Before venturing out, ISY students immerse themselves in the concept of service learning. They learn that it transcends mere community service by emphasizing investigation, deep preparation, thoughtful action, reflection, and demonstrating the impact they’ve made. This approach ensures their efforts aren’t just well-intentioned, but genuinely impactful. Their investigations often align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), fostering a global perspective on local issues.

ISY’s guiding principle of “fostering a community of compassionate global citizens and nurturing lifelong learners capable of making positive change in the world” comes to life through projects like the Care to the Least Center project (CLC).

ISY students engage with CLC by conducting a needs analysis through media, interviews, surveys, and observations to identify the best ways to work together. They then create projects that promote the concept of service, ensuring they learn valuable lessons while making meaningful contributions to the lives of others.

Over multiple visits, bonds are built, and understanding deepens. It’s a two-way street – children from CLC are welcomed onto the ISY campus for events like the Family Fun Fair, enriching the entire ISY community.

Their relationship has strengthened since CLC became one of the three Chinthe Fund partners. The impact of this partnership extends beyond the classroom. ISY, with generous support from the community, has spearheaded the construction of two new dormitories at CLC, providing a safe and welcoming space for its young residents. This success story is fueled by ISY’s Chinthe Fund.

Service learning pulsates throughout the entire ISY experience. The legacy of the school isn’t just measured in academic scores. It’s reflected in the alumni who go on to make a tangible difference in the world, their values shaped by early experiences of service. It’s celebrated at ISY’s annual Gala, where the community service award reminds everyone of the power of extending a helping hand.

With a 70-year heritage of providing rigorous international education from Reggio Emilia-inspired early childhood education to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, ISY ensures its students are prepared for bright futures. As a non-profit institution, all revenue is reinvested back into the school, further enhancing educational opportunities and resources for its community.

ISY is a safe and inclusive space to explore and celebrate diverse cultures. The faculty comprises accredited international teachers committed to nurturing global understanding. Through initiatives like International Day celebrations, Family Fun Fairs, and mother tongue programs, the school fosters a sense of internationalism.

It is the school’s unwavering commitment to service learning that sets them apart, igniting the desire and the skills, within the student body, to become empathetic leaders, ready to tackle the world’s challenges with both knowledge and compassion.

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