Spotify is convenience. Cassette tapes are an experience. Those who grew up with music from these small casings might still remember the audio quality and intricacies of the mechanics, such as having to rewind from Side A to Side B and the inability to skip a track with one touch. Whatever the complexities, they were an integral part of a generation of music lovers.

Now, A Café and Infinity Cassette Shop will jointly sell 1,000 cassettes from various eras. Whether you’re looking for vintage gems from the early stereo era or more contemporary records, this sale is worth checking out.

What makes it more intriguing is that they won’t label the prices, letting you decide their value. You pay as much as you want.

Rediscover the charm of cassettes and the joy of personalised music experiences. Visit this special sale and decide for yourself what these nostalgic treasures are worth. It’s an opportunity for old fans and new enthusiasts alike to celebrate a timeless format.

No 104, 39th St (lower block), Kyauktada Township, Yangon
10 am – 5:30 pm | 7-8 June


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