Network International School Yangon, Myanmar, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of education and operational excellence. The school prides itself on its commitment to providing quality education and maintaining rigorous standards across all aspects of its school community, from academic to pastoral care and safeguarding.

Accreditation Milestones

Network International School achieved a significant milestone in April 2024 by becoming the first and only school in Myanmar to be fully accredited by the British Schools Overseas (BSO) and the UK Department for Education (DfE), setting a new standard for educational excellence in Myanmar.

The BSO accreditation is a rigorous process conducted by the UK Department for Education that ensures British schools operating overseas maintain high standards of teaching, learning, and safeguarding. It ensures that schools maintain the same high standards as independent schools in the UK.

This accreditation serves as a validation of the Network’s educational programs, facilities, and operational practices, reflecting its unwavering dedication to excellence. It not only validates the high standard of education offered but also assures parents, students, and staff of the school’s commitment to delivering a world-class learning experience.

(Mrs Tina May Thwin Oo (in the middle), Network Parent at BSO Accreditation Announcement Event)

“As a parent, I am thrilled that Network International School has achieved BSO accreditation. It gives me confidence that my child is receiving a top-quality education that prepares them for success in an increasingly globalised world.” 
Mrs Tina May Thwin Oo

Membership Affiliations

Network International School is a proud member of esteemed organisations such as the Association of British Schools Overseas (AoBSO), the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), and the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA). These memberships further strengthen Network International School’s position within the global educational landscape and bring a multitude of benefits to the school community.

(Network International School Leadership Team with FOBISIA Representatives)

Students at Network will have opportunities to participate in a wide range of competitions, awards, and activities in academics, sports and performing arts, forging global friendships across the member schools. While school leaders, teachers, and support staff also have access to quality professional development opportunities, valuable networking with educators from across the region, sharing best practices, and a platform to collaborate with other leading international schools worldwide.

“Network International School is truly a British type International School and its mission and values align themselves with those of FOBISIA. The Early Years is recognised as an area of strength, and we were impressed with both the Primary and Secondary teaching and learning environment. We are confident that Network will be an active participant as well as a contributor to all that FOBISIA offers.”
– FOBISIA Visiting Team

Internationally Curriculum and Qualifications

Network International School is also a Cambridge-accredited exams centre, offering globally recognised IGCSE and A Level qualifications. The Cambridge curriculum is renowned for its rigorous academic standards and its emphasis on developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills for students. This accreditation enables Network to offer a curriculum that is both challenging and enriching, preparing students for success in further education and life beyond school.

The school is also affiliated with Edexcel, one of the leading providers of internationally recognised qualifications for the Extended Project Qualification programme. The collaboration with Edexcel ensures that the school delivers a broad and balanced curriculum that meets international benchmarks. This affiliation provides students with the opportunity to achieve qualifications that are respected by universities and employers worldwide.

Network International School’s extensive list of accreditations and memberships reflects its unwavering commitment to academic excellence and continuous improvement. These affiliations not only validate the quality of education provided but also ensure that students receive an education that is recognized and respected globally. Through these esteemed accreditations and memberships, Network International School continues to uphold its mission of nurturing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals equipped to succeed in an ever-changing world.


Network International School Yangon, Myanmar, was established in 1996 by Carole Kyaing, a passionate and dedicated UK educator, to become the first British International School in Yangon. The school is now catering to over 800 students aged from 2 to 18 years old from 24 different nationalities, offering a happy and secure learning environment in which students, parents and staff feel welcome and supported.

Contact details:
☎+95 9450 444 050


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