The British School Yangon (BSY) is a leading international school in Myanmar that offers an exceptional education to students from all across the world. We had the pleasure of speaking with Alison Fox, the Principal of BSY, to learn more about the school’s values, approach to education, and commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.

Q: What, in your opinion, makes a great teacher, and how does the British School Yangon prioritise these qualities in its faculty?

A: There’s no doubt in my mind that a great teacher holds two essential ingredients: an absolute passion for their subject and a genuine and unwavering commitment to working with children and making a difference. Our interview process plays a crucial role in ensuring the selection of such passionate teachers, those committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Q: Can you share your perspective on the value of an international school education, particularly in preparing students for a globalised world?

A: Being exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and contexts provides invaluable cultural enrichment. This, along with a diverse, inclusive and holistic approach to teaching and learning, opens students’ hearts and minds to the wider world. In an international school, we are all part of a community with diverse perspectives, languages, and traditions from around the world. This fosters a deep appreciation for different cultures and promotes tolerance, respect and cross-cultural understanding, all essential skills in today’s interconnected world.

Q: Recognising the diverse student body at BSY, how does the school facilitate the integration and academic success of students with very little or no English proficiency?

A: Integration is the key word here, and, as a truly inclusive school, we have always welcomed students with differing levels of English proficiency. We commit to a personalised learning experience for all our students, and our teachers are experienced and skilled in adapting their teaching to each and every child. With such personalised provision, dedicated class and form tutors, as well as high-quality English language acquisition platforms and resources, we find that those students progress incredibly with their English in a surprisingly short space of time.

Q: How do you believe school facilities contribute to the overall learning experience?

A: I believe that exceptional learning environments go hand in hand with exceptional teachers to make for outstanding learning experiences. Here at BSY we are blessed with being able to learn in an incredible purpose-built school with state-of-the-art facilities. With a campus like ours, designed to inspire learning, our students have access to the best resources to enable them to be the best they can be.

Alison Fox’s insights on the BSY’s values, approach to education, and commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment demonstrate the school’s dedication to providing an exceptional education to its students. With a focus on fostering an international mindset, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and providing personalised learning experiences, BSY ensures that its students are equipped with the adaptability and resilience needed to succeed in an ever-changing global landscape.


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