M Food Court is the newest culinary sensation to grace the M Tower and Yangon. With its eclectic mix of eateries and dynamic atmosphere, it’s poised to become the town’s go-to destination for foodies.

Since it’s part of the Bloom Department Store, you have to enter from the store’s entry. Take the escalators to the third floor and you reach your destination. Top up at the counter from the minimum Ks5,000. The card deposit is Ks500, and you can withdraw both the deposit and the remaining balance.

Once step inside the court, you’re bombarded by a plethora of options. Hosting over two dozen restaurants and stalls, the M Food Court boasts cuisines ranging from regional delights like Mandalay and Myeik to international favourites such as Filipino and Chinese. You can check the signboards of the diners on the wall of the entryway.

The author’s first stop is Man Shwe Thu, serving Mandalay regional food. He picks Kanonhtote (Ks4,000), an eggroll stuffed with chicken and herbs. Despite a waiting time of around 20 minutes for its “preparation from scratch”, the plate arrives with three delicately crafted rolls. Each bite reveals a mild yet delightful blend of flavours, complemented by the accompanying tamarind sauce and mint leaves.

Now, it’s time for the main course, and the author’s choice is Philippines Kitchen, managed by a Filipino chef. He opts for the Beef Steak Tagalog (Ks9,000), which comes with a plate of rice, soup, and sauce. Within 10 minutes, the tray arrives, showcasing tender beef in gravy. While the gravy may be slightly salty on its own, it pairs perfectly with the rice, especially with the addition of smashed fried garlic that enhances the rice’s fragrance. The soup is fine.

Full and satisfied, the author seeks something sweet to conclude the lunch and finds himself ordering a bowl of Ice Salad (Ks3,400) at The Fresh. The waiting time is around 5 minutes. The bowl is adorned with generous servings of syrup, peanuts, jellies and pineapple jam. The only complaint is with the ice itself. Rather than the expected soft, flakey shaved ice, it proves to be unyieldingly hard, requiring the author to break it with a spoon. It’s the only inconvenience in an otherwise delightful experience.

Note that some shops operate on self-service systems, so listen attentively for when your order is ready. However, it can be slightly confusing, as when the staff shouts “Kanonhtote is up,” it’s not always clear whether it’s your order or another customer’s. Moreover, if you’re seated far from the shop, the staff’s shout may get lost amidst the bustling ambiance of the food court, making it challenging to discern when your order is ready.

With a total spending of Ks16,770, inclusive of tax, it’s safe to say that lunching at the M Food Court is affordable. The author would definitely visit again to try Hmway Hmway Lay rice packed in banana leaves and noodles by Noods.

3rd Floor, M Tower, No 527, Pyay Road, Ward 8, Kamaryut Township, Yangon
8 am – 8 pm


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