To celebrate its 4th anniversary in Myanmar, foodpanda organised a charity and birthday event at the Yangon Education Centre for the Blind (Khawel Chan) on 29 February. The occasion brought together foodpanda staff, panda riders, vendors, and influencers for a heartwarming experience with the visually impaired students.

The event kicked off with memorable speeches from Crystal, the Head of Public Relations of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Cluster of foodpanda, and headmaster Thein Lwin. 

Following that, invited vocalist Adam Oo took the stage, enchanting the attendees with soulful melodies.

Afterwards, an engaging game activity, led by the emcee, involved playing song excerpts for the students to guess the titles. This lively moment put the students’ musical knowledge to the test, adding to the event’s vibrant atmosphere.

The event continued to sparkle when another invited musician, Joseph Oo, graced the gathering with the radiance of two uplifting songs. The atmosphere brimmed with excitement as the next program unfolded—the delightful parcel game!

As the holder of the parcel, Pau-Pau, the adorable foodpanda mascot plushie, passed from hand to hand, the lucky recipient at the end of the music had to serenade the crowd with their favourite song. It was a moment filled with laughter and excitement as the students showcased their musical talents, leaving the guests in awe with their enchanting and pitch-perfect voices.

The emcee delightedly presented rewards to participants who guessed the song names correctly, and bestowed memorable gifts upon parcel holders who entertained the crowd with their chosen songs.

The joyful morning drew to a close with a heartwarming group rendition of the Myanmar standard of “Under the Same Sun” by Scorpions.

As Crystal, the Head of Public Relations, perfectly put it, “Love is something that can be felt by hearts”, the event was indeed a moment where hearts resonated with melodies.

She said that foodpanda ensured that the charity event was an inclusive effort by extending invitations to its business partners, staff members, and delivery riders, fostering a sense of unity and family among all participants. In addition to the hearty lunch for the students and guests, they collectively donated rice bags and bubble teas, adding to the warmth and generosity of the event.

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