Among the various regional cuisines of Myanmar, the upper region known as Anyar boasts its unique culinary style. Characterised by its dry and arid climate, this area is abundant with tropical plants and hosts numerous farms cultivating beans and pulses.

Their diet primarily includes vegetable salads prepared with freshly pressed peanut oil. Despite its simplicity and lack of pretension, the cuisine is exceptionally nutritious and flavourful.

Anyar residents who relocate to Yangon often long for their hometown cuisine. Hence, the restaurant is aptly named “Lwan Sar“, translating to “the food of longing” or “nostalgic cuisine”.

The menu is dominated by various kinds of vegetable salads like spinach, carrot, tomato and of course the ubiquitous fermented tea-leaf salad. It also serves meat salads such as squid, clams, fish cake, pork and chicken. They can be savoured on their own or paired with steamed rice or rice salad for a satisfying meal.

While the dine-in space opened just a week ago, the restaurant has already established a loyal customer base through its online delivery service. Due to its small size, make sure you have reservations, especially for larger groups.

For Anyar residents who migrate to Yangon, the longing for their hometown cuisine finds solace in “Lwan Sar”. For those who are not native to Anyar but are curious about Myanmar’s regional cuisines, the restaurant serves as a gateway to explore the unique flavours and ingredients of the upper region.

Room 3, No 230, Yannyein Lane-2, Yankin Township, Yangon
11 am – 7 pm (Closed Mondays)

09 956 665 757

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