In an appreciative celebration that brought together food enthusiasts and industry leaders alike, foodpanda Myanmar commemorated its fourth anniversary at the Ballroom of Sedona Hotel Yangon on 10 January.

The event was a testament to the platform’s successful journey in revolutionising the food delivery landscape in Myanmar, providing a seamless bridge between hungry customers and their favourite restaurants.

Crystal, also known as Saung Oo Nwe, Head of Public Relations, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Cluster of foodpanda, addressed the media: “Since we’re a technological company, we always observe changing customer trends and adapt to them. In our four years of experience, we noticed customers embrace a convenient lifestyle. We’ve extended our services to delivering groceries and consumer goods in addition to food delivery. Moreover, we also offer customer-to-customer deliveries.” 

She was joined by Rayson Lee, CEO of City Food Concepts, who elaborated on the partnership between the two entities: “The motivation to collaborate with foodpanda all started during the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw the evolving change in the consumer lifestyle in Myanmar at that time. We chose foodpanda for a couple of reasons. 1) foodpanda is very well-known around the world. 2) I think foodpanda has a great team to support the delivery function where we can rely on and at the same time we can also make sure that our product is always delivered at the best time with the best quality to our customers.”

Htet Myet, the third-generation owner of Danuphyu Daw Saw Yee Myanmar Cuisine Restaurant, shared his two-year experience partnering with foodpanda Myanmar: “We noted about 20 to 30 per cent growth coming from foodpanda deliveries each year.” 

People usually associate foodpanda with food deliveries. It can also bring groceries to your doorstep. Htar Htar Oo, the owner of the Win Star Rice Shop, is one of the many grocery store owners working with foodpanda.

She replied to MYANMORE’s question about the convenience the partnership brought to her business: “We have shops in many neighbourhoods, but it was impossible to reach to a wider customer base through physical stores. foodpanda is the answer to this problem. It also helped us with promotions online, offering advice and suggestions on how to conduct them. So, we can focus on the sales part of the business better.”

The media session was followed by a panel discussion between foodpanda CEO Zeyar Mynn for Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Cluster, and representatives from leading F&B businesses including KFC Myanmar, YKKO, and Ocha Bubble Tea.

Subsequently, the industrial leaders, members of the media, and distinguished guests enjoyed the appreciative dinner and entertainment programmes. 

foodpanda Myanmar operates with over 10,000 riders, bringing 35,000 restaurants and shops closer to 2.3 million customers nationwide.

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