The enchanting city of Macao played host to the prestigious Asia Top Sommelier Summit, a gathering of wine connoisseurs, experts, and enthusiasts from across the continent. This remarkable event brought together delegates from a myriad of Asian nations, showcasing the rich diversity of the region’s burgeoning wine culture.

The summit, held at the opulent Grand Lisboa and Grand Lisboa Palace hotels, was a true celebration of the art and science of wine. Delegates from Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Macao, Korea, Singapore, and the Philippines graced this grand occasion, demonstrating Asia’s growing prominence in the world of wine and fine dining. Sponsored by the SJM Group, a renowned conglomerate with interests in gaming, hospitality, and entertainment, the summit provided a platform for wine enthusiasts to learn, network, and savor the world’s finest vintages. The event was not only a testament to Macao’s thriving luxury hospitality scene but also a testament to its commitment to promoting the art of sommelier in Asia.

A major highlight of the summit was the highly esteemed “China Best Sommelier” competition. Renowned for its rigorous evaluation and stringent standards, this competition showcased the incredible skills and knowledge of sommeliers hailing from China. The event culminated in a dazzling award ceremony, during which the coveted title of “China Best Sommelier 2023” was bestowed. The judging panel, comprised of masters from the Court of Master Sommeliers, ensured that only the best sommelier could claim this prestigious honor.

A notable aspect of this summit was Myanmar’s participation. The event marked an opportunity for Myanmar to learn and grow in the field of sommelier expertise. It opened doors for the country’s talented young generation to aspire to international excellence and compete on a global stage.

The Myanmar Sommelier Club, thrilled by this experience, warmly invites the country’s aspiring sommeliers to partake in this journey of discovery and expertise. The Asia Top Sommelier Summit in Macao was more than just a wine-tasting event. It was a celebration of the diverse cultures and experiences that Asian nations bring to the world of sommelier. As we savor the finest wines from the continent and beyond, we also look forward to the future where Myanmar, among other nations, takes its place on the global stage of sommelier excellence.


By – Nyan Zay HtetMacao, October 21, 2023


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