Among the ethnic cuisines in Myanmar, Kachin food has gained increasing popularity in recent years. With the return of seasoned players like Mu Ai and the emergence of exciting newcomers like Seng Mai Kha, the culinary scene is abuzz with anticipation.

The restaurant opened its doors just a week ago. It offers traditional Kachin cuisine along with the ambiance of a grill house and bar. If you want a more intimate dining experience, they have small huts in the backyard.

Kachin meals are light, spicy and served with a lot of vegetables. The must-try is Sar Phyal, a hearty dish composed of smoked meat, vermicelli, veggies and a zesty dip. You have the choice of chicken, pork or beef.

For more adventurous diners, try eel curry in the clay pot. More conventional meats like chicken are also available. The curries are recognised for their minimal use of cooking oil so the flavours of spices and herbs are more distinct. If you’re still unsure about venturing into unfamiliar cuisine, fear not, as the menu also offers grill and Chinese options.

The beverage menu boasts a selection of beers, liquors and soft drinks. The highlight is the Kachin khaung ye, a traditional liquor crafted from rice or sticky rice. We encourage you to sample this unique libation and discover how it contrasts with other spirits. Your taste buds are in for an intriguing journey.

Seng Mai Kha is a culinary gem that not only tingles your taste buds with its authentic Kachin offerings but also welcomes diners to explore the rich tapestry of flavours that Myanmar’s diverse cultures have to offer.

No 97, Ward-38 , North Dagon Township, Near 7/8 Lan Sone Bus Stop, Yangon
09 252 577 021
10 am – 10 pm


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