Pone Yape, born Pyae Sone Aung, emerged as a rising musical talent when he decided to follow his passion after dropping out of school in the eleventh grade. His journey into the music industry began around 2018 and has since been marked by a series of remarkable achievements.

His breakthrough moment arrived unexpectedly while he was sitting on the steps of Bago’s Icon Shopping Mall. Overhearing a poignant story about lost love from some passersby inspired him to pen his debut mega-hit, Ma Myint. Its beauty lies in its simplicity; it can be played and enjoyed with just a hollow guitar. The song narrates the heart-wrenching story of a man who unexpectedly crossed paths with the girl he once loved, first at her wedding, and years later, on the street.

The bittersweet feeling of seeing a long-lost love is universal and the lyrics highly relatable. Ma Myint struck a chord with millions of fans, propelling Pone Yape to pop stardom virtually overnight. It garnered over 17 million views on YouTube within less than a year of its release.

Building on the success of Ma Myint, Pone Yape recently launched his debut album, “Someone is Sick Today”. This collection of songs, which includes both older compositions and a few new ones, was crafted and recorded within a remarkable three-month period. The album showcases a diverse range of musical styles, including pop, lofi hip hop and indie pop. The lyrics are emotionally charged, often blending feelings of happiness and sadness.

Among the album’s eight tracks, 2:45 instantly vibed with the undersigned. Another standout track was Kaung Ma Lay Ta Yout which was about a girl as the title suggested. It sounded groovy and fun but the lyrics said how much the guy in the song suffered at the hands of the negligent lover. Additionally, the tune of A Haung (Old Things) paid homage to the pop music style of the 1980s in Myanmar.

Album Art – Someone is Sick Today

Reflecting on his early interactions with his audience, Pone Yape fondly recalls: “The most memorable thing is that I met many of my fans at The Concert for the first time.”

Pone Yape’s musical preferences span a wide spectrum, encompassing genres such as indie rock, pop, hip hop and folk. He’s an avid listener who appreciates the richness of various musical styles and forms. “There is hardly any genre that I don’t listen to.”

When it comes to his idols and influences, Pone Yape looks up to artists like Yair Yaint Aung, Floke Rose, Kaiza, The Weeknd, Joji and Jakob Ogawa. He dreams of collaborating with Yair Yaint Aung, Kaiza and Joji if given the opportunity.

Beyond his music, Pone Yape has a compassionate side, as he expresses a keen interest in helping orphaned children. He enjoys embarking on music tours with fellow young artists who share his passion for making a positive impact.

As for his future plans, he says: “I want to create music that’s fun for me to do and the listeners to enjoy. Also, I’m interested in creating exciting stuff in the film industry.” His commitment to both his art and his desire to make a difference in the world make him a promising and multifaceted talent in the music and entertainment industry.

Find him on YouTube @ PoneYape

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