Pet cafes are a rarity in Yangon even though the city has its fair share of pet-friendly establishments. There were attempts years ago but they have all ended as novelty and failed to become a part of the city.

Pet Hub – Cafe is the latest contender in this tranquil subculture of Yangon’s dining scene. Its owner once ran a Thai restaurant called Sawadee Thai Food in Dagon Centre. Armed with six years of F&B experience, they opened this cafe where you can spend time with four-legged companions.

Since its announcements, the place has generated quite a buzz. Yangonites are crazy about pets and many of them won’t miss the chance to get up close and personal with them. After weeks of waiting, it finally opened its doors on 24 September.

The cafe has two floors and spaces for both casual hangouts and intimate gatherings. The pet room is upstairs where you can play and take photos with the furry friends.

As it’s only in its soft-opening phase, the cafe is not at its full capacity. Only 80 per cent of the menu, which is a cross between Western snacks and Asian delicacies, will be served for the time being. Currently, the cafe only features Pomeranians but promises up to 12 breeds including golden retrievers, huskies, corgis and even chow chows and dalmatians. You can play with the poms free of charge until 1 October.

You can’t bring your own fur babies though fearing they won’t get along with the in-house pets. However, they offer a convenient solution: a pet spa on the ground floor where you can leave your beloved pets.

The operators say they maintain hygiene standards by keeping the pet area separate from the kitchen and the spaces where they serve food and drinks. But you be the judge of it.

Pet cafes are a welcome addition. It allows pet lovers an acquaintance with the breeds they don’t keep at home for a fee. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing cup of coffee, a playdate with pets, or simply a place to unwind in the company of like-minded animal enthusiasts, this place is worth checking out.

No 25, No 2 Aye Yeik Mon Street, Ward-4, Hlaing Township, Yangon
09 892 625 166
9 am – 7 pm


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