In celebration of Italian Language Week, Doh Eain has announced a captivating 3-part exhibition and a series of events titled “From Calvino to Marco Polo to Yangon”, initiated by the Italian Embassy in Yangon.

At the core of this festivity stands the famous Italian writer Italo Calvino’s literary masterpiece, “Invisible Cities”. This imaginative compilation of chapters and short stories features Marco Polo sharing his mesmerising encounters with splendid cities he encountered during his lifetime with the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan.

In addition to an introduction to Calvino’s work, accomplished local artists and emerging urbanists will impart their thoughts on the theme of hidden or imaginary cities, including their visions for Yangon.

Be prepared for a captivating roster of events spanning from 12 to 22 October, which will include:

  • A Public Lecture on Calvino
  • Film Screenings
  • A Public Drawing Workshop on Imaginary Cities in collaboration with Drink & Draw
  • Exhibitions

This event also commemorates the 100th birthday of Calvino (born on October 15, 1923). Follow Doh Eain on Facebook for forthcoming details about venues, dates and event times.


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