The concept of an urban sketchers community is not a novel one. Across the globe, numerous sketching societies are actively engaging in sharing the visual narratives of their respective cities through various means such as social media and virtual and physical exhibitions.

In the bustling streets of Yangon, a vibrant group of sketchers passionately wander, capturing the essence of the city through their artistic renditions. These sketches vividly depict the captivating tales woven within Yangon’s bustling bazaars, grand monuments, and iconic landmarks, all gracefully etched onto pristine white cartridge papers.

From the majestic Yangon High Court to the cherished heritage buildings and breathtaking landscapes, these sketches serve as profound reflections of the city’s rich cultural heritage and awe-inspiring beauty.

The exhibition “Sketching Walkers 5.0” will be showcased at Lokanat Galleries for five days. Admire the unique sights of Myanmar captured by 12 artists with pencils and paper. If curious, you can read their story here.

No 62 Pansodan Street, Yangon
10 am – 4 pm | 19-23 July
09 250 041 424

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