After the interview with Meliá Yangon’s Executive Chef Jens Heier, MYANMORE’s associate was invited to try some menu highlights at the Meliá Yangon’s Restaurant (Olea Mediterranean Restaurant and The Lantern Asian Fusion Restaurant). Under Jens’ management, the chefs’ emphasis on ingredient quality, taste, and flavours shines through in each dish.

The five-course meal was prepared by Chef Myat Nyein Chan (Mediterranean Food), Chef Si Thu (Asian Food) and Chef Nanda (Pastry) and their team. It began with the appetiser Sous Vide Chicken Breast Tonnato from Olea.

The slow-cooked chicken slices were covered in tuna sauce. The chicken was melt-in-your-mouth tender and the sauce enhanced the meat with its rich and creamy texture. Each bite was bliss! The second entree was Chilled Vietnamese Spring Rolls from The Lantern. The freshness of seafood and herbs was the major highlight here. It was paired with a tangy dip made of vinegar and fish sauce. 

Vietnamese Beef Stew

The first of the main courses was Vietnamese Beef Stew that came with a small bowl of rice from The Lantern Restaurant.  In contrast to the local beef curry, this dish was noticeably less greasy. Moreover, the choice of spices in the stew was pleasing, especially for individuals who find the strong aroma of masala overwhelming. The beef itself was exquisitely tender, allowing for effortless chewing.

The Paella Surf and Turf

Next, the highlight of the feast arrived from Olea: The Paella Surf and Turf, traditional Spanish cuisine. It featured both seafood and meat and could easily satiate two to three people. The Spanish rice was rounder and chunkier than the local variety. Cooked to perfection in a rich seafood stock infused with aromatic spices like capsicum and saffron. To further enhance the dining experience, a gentle squeeze of lemon added a refreshing zest that not only awakened the senses but also helped balance the robustness of the dish. If you want to try Spanish food for the first time, this dish is a perfect initiation. Its taste and flavour profiles were savory and agreeable to the local palate.

No feast is complete without a dessert. The grand finale came in the form of Mango Delight. All the classic delicacies such as panna cotta, non-baked cheesecake, tiramisu, sticky rice, etc, were gathered in one place. 

Mango Delight

Then, Myanmar mango was added to each of them. With the blessing of the “king of fruits”, the Mango Delight elevated the dessert experience to new heights, showcasing the natural brilliance of the mango and complementing the richness of the accompanying desserts.

To sum up, it was an unforgettable experience. Olea and The Lantern restaurants invite you on a culinary adventure where classic recipes meet modern cooking techniques and premium ingredients. Even if you find yourself hesitant about unfamiliar cuisines, Jens and his talented team of chefs will go above and beyond to ensure every moment at Meliá Yangon’s restaurants are filled with delightful flavours and cherished memories. 

Meliá Yangon (1st Floor), No. 192, Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, Bahan Township, Yangon.
01 934 5000

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