Yangon’s café culture has been one of the integral elements of the city’s progressing dining scene. After Covid 19 crisis, a bunch of new cafes and lounges embracing unique concepts have popped up.. Today, let me take you to a hidden café where you would feel like a star starring in a retro music video.


What is it? 

Hidden away behind a white building on a hidden 39th street across the bustling Strand Road, Maw Yon cafe is a retro haven for coffee and vintage lovers. It’s right next to the British Embassy around Strand Road. The name, Maw Yon was named after a small village by the sea in Rakhine State. The restaurant was renovated from a building called “Strand Mansion” which was simultaneously built together with Strand Hotel in 1901. 


Deeply instagrammable entrance seems like a pathway to mystical woods. Vines of tropical green leaves and flowers attached are hanging on the wall with the big vases of Dypsis plants around the main door. They add the interest to existing customers about what’s more inside of this café. 

Suddenly, it will feel like you step into a reverse theme because the interior of a retro Burmese house featuring in old 90s films will be waiting there. Hanging lights, table lamps, wooden chairs, vintage wallpapers and the viewable bar are styling the spacious indoor. 


Some of the seats are perfect spots to have a fun chit chat with your big group of friends while the small corner will make you expand your thoughts during the visit.



The café offers a wide variety of coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, frappe, cocktails, mocktails, beer, wines and small-bite dishes. The price range starts around 7,000 Ks and up to 15,000 Ks except for wine bottles. I think the small-bite dishes are a bit pricey despite getting only a small amount each.

But here comes our compliment. The cocktails we tried on that day were tasty and well-balanced. Our orders were their top signature drinks named Hazy, Malaka and Salay according to their suggestion. Impressively, all of them gave us remarkable satisfaction, especially Malaka and Salay. Malaka (9,000 Ks) was a Vodka based mixture with guava syrup, yogurt and lime juice while Salay (9,000 Ks) was created with Tequila mingling together with plum juice and rose water. I am really amused by the idea of building cocktail menus with Burmese people’s favorite seasonal fruits. 

(Left to right) Hazy ,Salay and Malaka


Final Thought


Additionally, there are two things I find adorable with this cafe. The first one is that they host weekly events which everyone is invited to join. They offer free Burmese traditional pancakes, ‘Yay Mote’ to every customer on Friday and a free singing-session together with their vocalist every Saturday from 6:00 to 9:00 PM. That sounds already full of fun and innovative. Isn’t it? The owner, Nay Myo Say being an artist himself, his whole café embraces an artsy atmosphere. This is the reason why you might see some photo shoots there especially on weekends. Last but not least, all the staff there wearing Burmese traditional attire were really eye-amusing and reminded me of memories from the countryside.

All in all, it was a great experience and the drinks were enjoyable. The ambience was super cozy and pleasant with a retro background music which could even soothe your soul. Sometimes, you could also expand your social network by joining fun events there if you wish to. 

So, don’t sweat finding the next spot to hangout because it’s here.


Maw Yon Café

  • Address: No.22, 39th Street, Kanna Block, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.
  • Opening hours:  11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Contact Number: 09 511 1450


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