The requirement to present Covid-19 vaccination records upon entering Myanmar has been lifted. Check the latest health requirements for international travellers set by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

1. Travellers shall submit a Health Declaration Form to the respective health authorities upon arrival to Myanmar. (A legal action will be taken against a traveller, if he or she provides any incorrect information in the Health Declaration Form.)

2. Foreigners shall submit Covid-19 medical insurance to the health authorities upon arrival to Myanmar. (If they can submit the purchase documentation of the health insurance including Covid-19 medical insurance from the relevant country or internationally recognised insurance companies they can be exempt from purchasing health insurance from Myanma Insurance. If they cannot present any relevant documents, they shall purchase Covid-19 medical insurance from Myanma Insurance. For details, visit Myanma Insurance’s website).

3. Travellers shall be subject to a thermal screening conducted by the airport health authorities upon arrival to Myanmar.

4. If the travellers are found to be symptomatic of Covid-19 after the screening, they will be tested for Covid-19 by RDT. Travellers shall be immediately isolated and taken to a medical facility or treatment centre or hotel designated by the MOH as per health protocols if the result is positive. The travellers shall bear the cost of the testing, isolation and treatment procedures.

5. Travellers shall report to the health authorities if they have developed signs and symptoms of Covid-19 during their stay in Myanmar.

6. Before departure from Myanmar, travellers may take Covid-19 tests, as required by the countries they will travel to and transit through, at laboratories designated by the MOH, at their own cost.

7. The travellers shall strictly follow the instructions made by the respective health authorities. A legal action will be taken against the traveller if they breach any health regulations.

8. These requirements are subject to change.

9. These requirements shall take effect from 1 July 2023 (00:01 Hour) Myanmar Standard Time, and supersede the Public Health Requirements for Travellers Who Wish to Enter Myanmar through International Commercial Flights (22 March 2023).


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