It’s been awhile savoring the ethnic foods, the craving pushed me to visit a ethnic cuisine house. At the same time, our ultimate choice for Shan food, Shan Yoe Yar, launched a new branch a few months ago. They shut down the Wa Dan street branch and relocated their branch here in Dagon township, Manawhari street. So, my steps lead me to a fresh spot in a familiar embrace.

Each time I visit a new branch of Shan Yoe Yar, the huge expectation can’t help but exist. Every experience of mine given by this restaurant was full of great remarks and satisfaction. 



The two-storied wooden restaurant in a vast compound is so graceful even at the first sight. Inside, fabulous decorations are fully equipped, spacious wooden seating, bright fabrics, traditional musical instruments, old paintings, wall hangings and historic pictures of Shan state can be amused. Every aspect of the restaurant truly gives the atmosphere of premium dining.



Since I was willing to try the breakfast set, I tried to reach there around 9 AM this time. They offer mostly the same menus but fewer items than other branches. Appetizers such as mashed potato, eggplant and tomato, fried tofu, fried sticky rice, curry packs can be enjoyed. Main courses include a diverse choice of noodles, meat and soups are also available. 



Their Burmese milk tea was one of the best milk teas I ever tasted in Yangon and was a nice companion for our breakfast. 



First up was the small bite platter of mashed potato, fried rice cake, fried tofu and Inlay curry pack served together with chili dip. The fried tofu (Tofu Jo) was made of chickpeas, crunchy outside and soft inside. The rich flavor of curry pack (Hin Htote) filled my whole palate with the tender and zesty flavor of steamed minced pork, rice and spring onion. Another starter came in the form of a familiar shape which was the fried sticky rice, the most popular Shan snack around the country. The condiments were roasted sesame and sugar but I preferred the salt which I asked for from them.


Kyaington Meeshay

The main menu was two noodles, Kyaington Meeshay and the Shan Noodle or “Shan Khauk Swe”. Between two kinds of noodles with elasticity called “Sanzui” and soft noodles called “Samboe”, we chose to have the second one. 

The Meeshay offered the mixed flavor of fermented bean, chicken stock in the soup, the tender pieces of chicken, the shan cabbage, bean sprout and the spring onion on top of everything, supporting the dish to be delightful. It was the scene stealer of the whole dining table. The kitchen team was always so generous and served a big portion which two people could also share. Sadly, the Shan Noodle didn’t satisfy me enough because of its mild flavor. 



To wrap up, it was such a filling deal since the breakfast set including the appetizer platter, one of the six noodle variations, coffee or tea costs only 8,500 Ks. The a-la-carte Meeshay is also 6,500 Ks.  You can feel love in each plate and drink during the whole experience. Last but not least, the staff were really attentive and well trained, giving the best consistent service in every single branch which was quite amazing. Additionally, you can also buy dry Shan snacks displayed beautifully on the second floor which is a clever move to promote.


  • Address – No.54 Ma Naw Hari St, West Ward, Dagon Township.
  • Opening hours – 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Phone – 09 250566695


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