In Yangon’s bustling nightlife scene, finding a venue that perfectly combines the pulsating beats of EDM music, top-notch sound systems and a vibrant hip-hop atmosphere can be a challenge. But Levitate – Suniram Park accepted the challenge with its unique blend of musical genres, electrifying energy and an ambiance that caters to diverse tastes.

As soon as you enter the venue, the euphoric beats and infectious rhythms will create an instant connection with your soul. Although it opened its doors just last week, it has already made splashes on social media with its curated lineup of talented DJs and artists and an eclectic mix of subgenres within EDM, including progressive house, trance and more.

Powerful speakers, strategically positioned around the space, unleash waves of sound that envelop the crowd, creating a multi-dimensional audio journey.

While EDM takes center stage at Levitate Bar, the venue also embraces the relentless energy of hip-hop. The bar’s vibrant decor, infused with graffiti-style art and urban aesthetics, sets the stage for a night of non-stop energy and celebration. Talented MCs and rap artists already made appearances, too. Follow their page to see the next lineups of performers.

The extensive cocktail menu is a match for the groovy atmosphere. From timeless bar staples such as Bloody Mary and Cosmopolitan to more creative concoctions like Love Shackles and Crushing on You, you can see the fun inventiveness of the bartenders. If you are there with friends, try their group cocktail Desire & Dignity, a clever twist on two choices we usually find ourselves torn apart in between. If you wanna stay sober, you can opt for fresh juices. Shisha is also served.

Quick and light bar bites dominate the food menu. Salads and fried rice are also there if you feel hungry after the office. The menu is slated to be extended so you will find more goodies here soon.

Rising fast and tall, Levitate takes pride in its atmosphere and audio technology. With its seamless blend of EDM music, a captivating hip-hop vibe and delightful concoctions, prepare to LEVITATE to Cloud Nine!

No 20, Thukhawaddy Street, Yangon
09 940 866 544
2 pm – 11 pm


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