What is it?

The logo

Papaya Beach Club is a newly launched cocktail bar located in the Ngwe Saung Square, the very first recreational beach area in Myanmar. The whole club and square area give off a sense of tropical paradise decorated with endless sun, beach, palm trees and the cool atmosphere and people.


Picking the right seat while dining out is also an important matter for your whole experience. The club has both private indoor and breezy outdoor areas. Inside, you can see big retro paintings, hanging pendant lights, wooden chairs and giant sofas. The tropical bar, sandy chairs and greenery sofas will be there in the outdoor area. Using the creative blending design of retro vibe and modern art, the whole restaurant looks stunning. The opening hours start from 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM.


Menu and Recommendations



It offers a diversity of foods including Fried snacks, Salads, Grilled seafoods, Wok-fried dishes, Desserts and even Pizza as well. Variety of beverages including Beer, Rum cocktails, Infused rums, non-alcoholic juices, coffee and smoothies can be enjoyed. The a-la-carte’s price range starts from 7,000 MMKs to 38,000 MMKs.



A bunch of set menus will be there for you and your big gathering moments.

Menus we tried were Prawn Papaya Salad (16,000 Ks), Baked Mussels with Cheese (12,000 Ks) and Deep fried calamari (9,500 Ks). They all tasted fine but my favorite was the Deep fried calamari with its crunchy texture and rich flavor. The sweet and spicy sauce found our taste buds well, too.  Some people might think that the dishes are a bit pricey but it’s fair compared to their big portions in my opinion. 



We tried all the cocktails on their menu but the above two impressed us the most. The first one is clarified pina colada and the other is clarified milk punch. Based on the light rum, both of them were created with simple ingredients such as pineapple, coconut milk, lemon and more. Since I am a big fan of cocktails with large portions that accompany my whole meal, they satisfied me a lot. 




Final Thought


Since most of the guests are vacationers who escaped from hectic city life, I believe they will feel content somehow at their very first step into the club. The food tasted great and the cocktails are fine too. After all the compliments, they also have some weak points. Most of the staff seemed inexperienced and their performance was quite slow. While serving the drink orders, some of the staff couldn’t even name them right. But I believe they can improve their skills and knowledge very soon. Overall, I had a great experience for the first time in a beach bar.


  • Address : Ngwe Saung Square, Pathein, Ayeyarwady Division.
  • Ph number :09 764 694158
  • Opening Hours : 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM
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