Nay Aung, one of the most recognisable contestants of Masterchef, recently announced an exciting new venture and it has been generating a lot of buzz!

Old Flame Steak House specialises in grills with local and Southeast Asian influences. Their concept is simple yet customisable – choose your preferred protein (beef, chicken, pork, or fish), sauce (black pepper, red wine, mushroom, etc.), and desired level of doneness. The restaurant serves both locally sourced and imported beef.

Side dishes are fun since you can try exotic stuff like Shwebo papaya salad and Nan Twin Monti Thoke, a noodle dish. That being said, a plate of potato wedges can do no wrong.

For those in a hurry, there are also quick and easy snacks like burgers and fish and chips that can be washed down with a refreshing fizzy drink. Additionally, the restaurant offers thirst-quenching honey lime and pomegranate juices.

The two-page menu is pretty well-rounded, featuring a range of dishes from steaks and sides to salads, pasta, and satay. The steaks are Ks10,000 and above. You can see it aims to please diners with diverse tastes until it eventually finds the x-factor.

It’s certainly worth checking out if you’re interested in trying the culinary creations of a Masterchef alum, or simply in the mood for a delicious steak.

No 12, Myawaddy Street, Corner of Kyaung St and Shankone St, Myaenigone, Yangon
09 252 229 100
10am – 10pm

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