Rooftop bars always teach us to be on the certain track for a perfect dining experience. Providing not only foods and creative drinks, also a 360-degree view of your soothing town will put you at ease. And here’s a newly opened rooftop bar where you can escape away from the hectic daily life.


Located on the Pinlon road, 29 Quarter, North Dagon township, it’s a challenge that Hotel Bo Bo Min is making an attempt at. The concept is inspired by the famous American actress, Marilyn Monroe, you can see her pictures and some retro decorations inside the bar.



There’s also an offer, the ‘ladies night’ where you can enjoy their signature cocktail as a complimentary if you bring your squad of 4 ladies.


Outdoor, the designs of furniture, the bar, the trees are highlighting simple minimalism using the colors of black, white and sapphire blue on the wall. They serve a blend of European and Asian fusion menus and affordable creative cocktails. 

If you’re looking for a new spot where you can have a warm chat with your beloved ones under the panoramic sunset sky, try to visit this lounge to savor a new experience.


  • Address: A 21/22,Pinlon Road,(29) Quarter, North Dagon Township, Yangon.
  • Contact: 09 785 913985
  • Opening hours: 3PM to 11PM


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