River Gallery’s online exhibition has featured a new artist Nan Da for this month’s art flash. Nan Da’s artworks explore the inseparable link between experience and expression through different lenses and tell the stories of the Myanmar people.

Nan Da’s “Face Story…” is a collection of faces with interesting lives reflected in the eyes. Through his paintings of ordinary people’s faces, he tries to immortalise the essence of Myanmar – its mood and character, soul and culture, society, and environment.

He pursues simplicity and honesty in expressing his creativity through his works. Despite life’s difficulties and tragedies, he strives to capture the essential innocence typical of Myanmar people in the portraits.

Nan Da studied at the Yangon State School of Fine Art. After graduating, he began his artistic journey and has participated in more than 30 group exhibitions locally and internationally, in Singapore and the US.

Two of his works, Persistence (1) and Persistence (2), ink and acrylic on paper, have been acquired by the British Museum in 2022 for the museum’s permanent collection.

You can check out “Face Story…” through this link. For more information, reach out to the gallery at rivergalleryart@gmail.com.


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