Sculpture shows are a rarity in the eventful Yangon. I visited Anicca, meaning the law of impermanence, a sculpture exhibition which runs from 28 Feb – 4 Mar (closing for a day on 2nd March).

I had time to converse with Artist Kyaw San Lin and he opened up about his formative years: his humble beginning as an art student who came from the Ayeyarwady division. He got a chance to study under some famous artists in Yangon and his first exhibition also succeeded in 2016.

Throughout his career, some people helped him whenever he needed. Therefore, the idea was to express gratitude to those people while highlighting the moulds of their faces as the main characters. 

Everything on earth is subject to change and moving on till we get to the point of no longer existing. This is called Anicca and nothing can violate this universal principle. He said, “The owners of the faces are the guys who helped me throughout all the struggles I faced and some of them even coached me to be on the right path of life. That’s why I wanted to create a remark of them which remains as a record of a time, an age at the same place”.

The display was on a huge 5 ft x 4 ft frame on which 19 plastered faces were printed. You might space out at first sight of those many faces and it’ll give you an ambiguous but impressive feeling a few seconds later.


Installation view of ‘Don’t want to see and hear’

The second most stunning artwork will be the display of traditional bull’s heads hanging all together in a tiny dim-lighted room under the name Don’t want to see and hear”. Despite all the misfortunes we faced or heard throughout these years, he also had a time when he shut down every information or news that popped out. This is the reason why all the bulls got nothing but the nose trails expressing the person who is alive but his soul is not.

Artist Kyaw San Lin added, “ I only have one wish at the end of everything which is to build my own studio, collect the materials and pass on the knowledge of mine to young generations”. After this show, he will be flying to Kunming, China again to finish his study there.

You can see some of the best examples of the shows below.


Installation view of ‘the Family Meeting’


Installation view of ‘VenGogh’s Portrait’
Installation view of ‘Sunflower’


Installation view of ‘Thought’
Installation View of ‘The Lady’








It’s a free entry presented by IVY Gallery and the artist himself conveys the meaningful concept and the breathtaking artworks. So, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit.

  • Location – Ivy Gallery, North up No.1, Bogyoke Market, Yangon.
  • Contact Number –  09 885 555444
  • Date – 28th February to 4th March (Close on 2nd March)
  • Time – 10 AM to 4 PM
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