Since Yangonites have fully embraced pets as their family members, pet-friendly cafes have become a sub-culture in the city’s F&B landscape. Now more restaurants give extra room for customers to hang out with their fur babies.

Laika Pet Cafe is one such eatery. Serving Asian and Western dishes as well as drinks and desserts, the cafe also provides a spacious outdoor space for pets. The space is divided into two for cats and dogs.

If you’re hungry, a sausage platter (Ks24,000) or chicken grill (Ks15,500) will be enough to fill your stomach. If you just want a snack, nacho chips (Ks8,500) or a tuna sandwich (Ks7,500) can do no wrong. Only ice cream is available on the pets’ menu for now but the proprietor said they were considering adding more to it.

The drinks and desserts are around Ks5,000 and the meals range from Ks6,000 to Ks20,000. The cafe opened its doors just a few weeks ago, so suggest your opinion and help them grow.

No 303 (A), Mahar Thukhitar 1st Street (North), East Gyo Gone, Insein Township, Yangon
09 404 228 892
9am – 6:30pm

Photo credit: Laika Pet Cafe


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