Noodle is the second most popular dish in Myanmar after rice. Since the country’s cuisine draws inspiration from various cultures, you can enjoy simple food with many twists.

One such example is Shan Khao Swel or Shan Noodles. Native to ethnic Shan people, it is one of the more beloved street food in Yangon. The food is quite simple you could even prepare it at home.

Its simplicity allows for a plethora of modifications, too. This is what exactly House of Noodles specialises on. Opened its doors just a month ago, the restaurant serves Shan noodles in 10 variations along with other local and Chinese meals.

The Shan noodles with braised pork could hardly go wrong. But if you are an adventurous diner, try it with soured bamboo shoots and pork or dried shrimp sauce. It also offers five different types of noodles including mee shay and Shiraki noodles. The menus are in three languages Burmese, English and Chinese.

It does not alienate the customers who do not like noodles either. The rice menu comprises porridge and steamed rice with an assortment of meals. It also has a dedicated Mala section on the menu since the Sichuan seasoning is increasingly popular with Yangonists.

If you want to try khaw pote or glutinous rice cake which is a staple of Shan cuisine, you may find it in the appetiser section. Kyat Oo Kazaw or fermented rice with milk and egg is another local favourite. The beverage menu is composed of both hot and cold drinks.

Have you visited it? Do you want to visit it after reading this article? Let us know in the comments. All the photos are credited to House of Noodles’ Facebook page.

No 18A, Bo Yar Nyunt Street, Dagon, Yangon
09 776 755 449
6:30am – 7:30pm

Disclaimer: Highlight is neither sponsored nor a review. It is aimed to highlight new restaurants that do things differently and stand out. With new restaurants mushrooming in Yangon every week, it is tough to introduce all of them in detail. Thus, Highlight is born. Shout out the restaurants you think should appear in this section in the comments. 


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