What is it and the atmosphere?


Kyay Zuu Daw (The Blessing) : the classic noodle restaurant has been the talk of the town for over 10 years. It is always at the top of the list of the must-visit restaurants when you step in North Dagon township. Since the priority of their success always has been “the never changing quality and taste”, none of the new noodle restaurants could beat their fame. Furthermore, you could be surprised at the super-affordable price. 


Their place has always been a cozy simple small area right next to the busy road and under a big tree. It’s not very fancy like others and I hope it’d be way more better than now if they expand their business and also the place. 


Menus and Recommendations



They have varieties of noodle and vermicelli dishes with different kinds of pairings like dumplings, steamed chicken, water spinach, starchy gravy soup and so on. The price range starts from 1,300 Ks to 2,500 Ks which is quite reasonable and affordable. 



We chose the famous siblings among their dishes which were Garlic oil noodle (Si Chat) with steamed chicken and the Starchy noodle soup with steamed chicken.

Garlic oil noodles with steamed chicken came out together with the steamed soup, the soup and ketchup-chopped chili on top of cabbages also came out as side dishes. The tender noodles were almost melting after a couple times of chewing and it was super delicious.

For the Starchy noodle soup, they gave spicy shrimp mixed paste and soup as side dishes and they were totally a great companion on our palate.


Final Thought


The cost of these two delectable dishes were taken together only for 2,900 Ks and the taste was worth more than that. And I feel guilty to say that it is a budget restaurant while they offer the best quality of taste than most of the other noodle shops in town. For the time being, it’d be better to visit there during evening time since it’s still hot in the daytime. So, I hope everyone will love today’s escort to my favorite noodle shop which also will be yours soon.


Because It was not a noodle, just a bowl of happiness.


⏰ 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM 

📍  Near 35 bus stop, Corner of Bo Min Yong Road and Pinlon Road, North Dagon township, Yangon.

Google Map : Kyay Zuu Daw Noodle


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