Pay days are the best time to treat yourself with a heavenly feast while spending the quality moment with your beloved ones. Therefore, I picked out a place which has been the talk of the town lately and hyped me up to visit with tons of positive feedback they were getting from customers. 


What is it?



Since Korean culture is getting more prominent around the world, their dining tradition becomes a popular social experience among young generations. Starting around 2014, a bunch of Korean BBQ restaurants popped up one by one spreading through Yangon and Bamboo is one of them. It is a buffet restaurant where you can enjoy the Korean BBQ dining experience with no limited timing which is the fact that makes it stand out. The cost is only 21,700 Ks per person.

Among two branches, I visited the one on Pyay road since it had an easier route for me.


The Atmosphere 



It has a vast peaceful compound adjoining the Ruby Garden Hotel with a garden view. There will be two options for seating plans. Whether you can gather with your friends to enjoy a delicious feast while chit chatting in the garden, or have a luxurious BBQ date in the aircon room. Even if you choose the outdoor seating, the shade of tall trees in the yard will keep you cool and sound during your meal time.



Menus and Recommendation

Starting from a huge choice of seasoned meats and cuts, pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, squid, clam, octopus and varieties of vegetables, enoki mushroom, potato, lotus root, lady finger, lettuce and so on. 



Second most important meal in Korean BBQ dinner is called Banchan ( 반찬 ), the side dish. The more side dishes a restaurant has, the more meaningful and colorful the meal becomes since they are in a role of balancing the taste and texture of a meal. At Bamboo, they have various kinds of famous Korean side dishes starting from kimchi, chili bean sauce, tteokbokki (the rice cake), fried pork cutlet, seaweed rice rolled, sausage, pounded salads and so on. Counters of desserts and juice were be there for your sweet tooth. 



All of them were so savory to my taste and the staff did the immediate refills to all the food for the convenience of the customers. One thing I want to warn you is to take the exact amount which you can finish because it is always better to under serve and go back for more than it is to over serve and not finish what you took. 


Our meal started beautifully with the help of a kind staff doing all the grilling of our meal. Wrapping each piece of meat with lettuce topping with garlic, chili paste and kimchi, it became a satisfying meal for me. You should make a reservation on weekends when the restaurant is used to be fully booked.


Final Thought

I would say it was a lovely dining experience for me and the meal was worth more than payment. Furthermore, they didn’t charge any service fee while the staff were helpful and attentive. The ambience, the parking lot and the location are very convenient for most of the people. The quality of every piece of meal was needless to say since it was the main reason for their long lasting success. I believe I will definitely visit it again in the coming month after the pay day. 


  • ⏰ 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM 
  • 💰 21,700 MMK per person
  • 📍  No.631, corner of Pyay road and Inya road, Kamayut township, Yangon.
  • 📲 09773773286


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