Blackouts no longer mean you will be disconnected from the world wide web. Many internet service providers offer FTTH plans compatible with power banks, UPSs, etc. Follow this guide to stay connected!

  1. First, you need to ask the providers if their fibre services are available in your area.
  2. Buy a 5V-12V USB cable at around Ks10,000. Shop at renowned electronic stores such as Technoland, Unique, Innwa, etc. We do not recommend online vendors.
  3. Have a power bank of at least 10,000 mAh capacity. A 5,000 one runs out of juice so quickly.
  4. Connect the router to the power bank via the USB cable and that’s it. You can still use the internet even during blackouts.

Now we’ll suggest some ISPs based on our experience and friends’ recommendations. Note most of them have coverage in Yangon. But for other regions and states, the coverage areas will be spotty. Let us know your experience in the comments.

MPT Dome Pyan

The home internet begins at Ks32,000/month for 20 Mbps. The FTTH packs come with additional mobile data and calling benefits. Check the details here.

Customer care number: 106 (on net)

ATOM Power Fiber

The home internet begins at Ks28,000/month for 15 Mbps better suited for smaller families. The business plan starts at Ks79,000 for 75 Mbps. Mobile data and calling benefits are included. Details here.

Customer care number: 09 78000 8080


For Ks28,000/month, you can enjoy 18 Mbps. Bigger bandwidths are also available for home users. The business plan begins at Ks50,000 for 40 Mbps. Details here.

Customer care number: 966 (on net)

Ooredoo Supernet

The 3-month promotional plan begins at Ks120,000 for 20 Mbps. You can enjoy 3GB of mobile data a month. You can increase up to 100 Mbps for 360 days for around Ks1 million, one of the best options for businesses. More info here.

Customer care number: 09 970 000 234

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash


The family plan begins at Ks35,000 for 25 Mbps and the business Ks100,000 for 50 Mbps for a month. Visit their website for more info.

01 524978, 09 770 688886

Myanmar Net

This brand is synonymous with affordability among internet users in Myanmar. They also produce prepaid cards as cheap as Ks200 for 8 hours of unlimited internet. But we’ll focus on FTTH services here. The monthly fibre internet begins at Ks26,000 for 16 Mbps. You’ll have to pay an additional charge of Ks18,000 and a Ks10,000 deposit though. Learn more here.

09 76 533 8440, 09 76 533 8441


The monthly home plans begin at Ks28,000 for 15 Mbps and the business Ks126,000 for 60 Mbps. They also offer 4G+ LTE services. Find more here.

09 95225 4944

Yatanarpon Teleport

Monthly basic plans begin at Ks26,300 for 15 Mbps but you can increase up to 179 Mbps depending on your use. You need to sign a 1-year contract. If you pay for 6 months upfront at a 15 Mbps plan, the installation is free. More info here.

09 975 151 333

True Net

The family plans begin at Ks27,500 for 20 Mbps and the business Ks38,500 for 30 Mbps a month. The deposit is Ks50,000 but the installation is free. No contract. Learn more here.

09 77700 3038, 09 77700 3039


The monthly packs begin at Ks27,500 for 15 Mbps. Pay for 6 months upfront to enjoy 1 month free. Check here for more info.

09 40000 5333


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