CAFE DEL SeOUL is coming back with their new and delightful menus.


It is Korean-Western fusion eatery located in two places, one in Golden City Condominium, Block 2 G 01, Yankin Township and another one (star café) at Mercedes-Benz, 44 Pyay road. 

Being a minimalist restaurant and decorated in a blue theme, it is also an instagrammable space where you can take pretty pictures. They have a unique feature of launching new menus every month and here are the new babies born in this month, September.


Slow Cooked Pork Chop (24,800 Ks)



Slow cooked at 62°C for 6 hours, juicy tender pork chop with 300-370 gram. Whole grain honey mustard sauce. Green oil, balsamic, fondant & grilled cherry tomato.


Japanese Hamburg Steak (14,900 Ks)



Authentic Japanese style Hamburg Steak including juicy steaks, mashed potatoes, sunny side up egg, grilled tomato with brown jus.


Hell Peri Wings Combo – Choice of Spicy level (25,900 Ks)



Portuguese style spicy chicken with a choice of spicy level and extra 3 side dishes. A perfect combination of juicy chicken gill and Peri-Peri sauce. 


Yogurt Smoothie Series (5,500 Ks)



A flavorful smoothie series made of yogurt imported from Korea.



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