“The nearer the pay-day, the less money in our hands”, the famous and trending sentence in Myanmar we used to say is striking us since today is the 19th of a month.

However, every steak lover still would love to treat themselves when they find a good deal even when they can’t afford the expensive dishes. And I’m here to take all of you on a tour featuring the tasty and fair steakhouses in Yangon.


Steak on the Street


A tasty steak house which started as a street stall in Bahan in 2019 became one of the top choices among local steak lovers.







Despite the local meat they use, customers can’t stop talking about their premium quality in taste and also surprisingly fair prices starting from 4,000 Ks to 15,000 Ks. Four locations have been successfully opened, Waizayantar, Mindhama, Ahlone and Mandalay.


  • Location : No. 52, Waizayantar Road, South Okkalapa, Yangon.
  • Contact : 09 777 999 296


Steak House Yangon


A new face in town which started in late 2021 where you can get varieties of choices in meat as in beef, lamb, pork, fish, seafood and also pastas, sandwiches and salads. For the steak, they only use imported meat and the price range starts from 3,000 Ks to 13,500 Ks except 40,000 Ks which is for premium beef and lamb.








  • Location : Building A3, Dhamma Darna Street, Near 77 Cake, Tarmwe Township, Yangon.
  • Contact : 09 260 040 897


ASTONS Specialities Yangon


Singapore’s famous steakhouse where you enjoy delicious chopped steak, grilled chicken, fishes including 2 side dishes for each menu and spaghetti with soups, different giant burgers and small bite plates. The price range is from 3,200 Ks to 34,000 Ks which is fair enough for the big portions they offer. They have two locations, one in Myanmar Plaza and one in Junction City.









  • Location : 3rd Floor, Myanmar Plaza, Kabar Aye Pagoda Rd, Yangon.
  • Contact : 09 960 949499


Bake House


This BBQ house which only accepts delivery and pick up has caught my attention lately with the breathtaking appearances of their menus. They have limited menus including only BBQ Pork Spare Ribs, BBQ Baby Pork Ribs, French Style Chicken Thigh and Double Sausage Pizza. The price range starts from 7,000 Ks to 22,000 Ks. For a homebody like me, only a ring could bring you these tasty ribs.



  • Location : 23rd Street, Lathar township, Yangon.
  • Contact : 09 4200 711 22


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