If you are a foreigner living in Myanmar for a while, you might have noticed the local people’s varied tastes in breakfast. We enjoy a wide range of meals both light and heavy to kickstart our days.

Taing Yin Thar Restaurant‘s breakfast buffet is one place where you can experience all the Myanmar people’s favourite morning meals. The price is quite affordable at Ks7,000 + Ks1,000 for service and tax.

The menu consisting of around 15 items rotates every week so what we enjoyed last Saturday may or may not be there upon your visit. But this review will inform you what to expect.

It had two counters: one was where you can find pre-cooked meals like rice and fries and the other was the salad bar. Mohinga and coconut milk noodles were also present but we skipped them to make room for others.

Our first try was A Htam Mishay which was basically Mishay (rice noodle salad) but prepared in Mandalay style. If you had been to Mandalay, you might notice pedlars who fixed a bowl of Mishay out of items from various pots in their baskets connected to a shoulder pole. We called it A Htam Mishay.

The salad came in chicken and pork and we chose the latter. It was prepared in a small bowl so you should not be worried about feeling stuffed after one meal. The taste was quite good. They used pork belly so the experience was better. The fried yew char kway (Chinese breadstick) was crispy. Whether or not it matched the real Mandalay-style Mishay, we would let you decide.

Next, we had some rice peppered with boiled peas. The rice was to be paired with grounded fried chicken, fried anchovies, omelet salad and some pickles. It was a usual filling plate of rice. Skip if you were not that big on carbs.

Our next choice was Tofu Nway which was noodles, meat and condiments in warm molten tofu. It was warm and fulfilling.

Then we sampled a little serving of various teashop snacks. The samosa was crispy and the filling inside was savoury, Fried tofu, yew char kway with boiled pea and sugar parata were average. At least the coffee was good.

We finished the meal with traditional desserts made of glutinous rice and semolina cake. They were all tasty but a bit too sweet for my taste. They also served fruits and cold drinks — the one we saw was plum juice with chia seeds. Tea and coffee were present, too.

To sum up, it was a delightful affair. The meals were great, at least most of them, and A Htam Mishay is definitely recommended! It gave more than what you paid for but first-timers might be a bit lost by a number of choices. We recommend making it with a theme like Shan-themed breakfast, Mandalay-styled breakfast, etc to give it a kind of direction.

Buffet breakfast is served 7am to 11am on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday every week
No 2A, Kanbet Road, Yankin Township, Yangon
09 787 154 799, 09 4411 69995


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