What is it and the atmosphere?



Last weekend, I linked up with childhood friends whom I haven’t met for a while and Junction City was our destination since it’s located in the middle of the town, the most convenient commute for all of us.

 At lunch time, we decided to choose MANORA Thai Cuisine and Bistro since we all longed for some spicy Thailand-styled palates and the outdoor view we were seeing was totally breathtaking.



MANORA is a modern Thai restaurant serving various kinds of authentic Thai cuisine which is located at the level 5 of Junction City, Yangon. Writing over an amazing 5 year-old history, I could say MANORA could be able to hold their success with unchanging taste and service. 


Menu and Recommendation



MANORA offers dishes under the different types of Thailand flavor, Tum (pounded dishes), Yum (spicy salads), Larb (meat salads), starters, curries, soups, fishes, fried-rice, noodles and pasta. The price range starts from 3,900 Ks to 17,900 Ks. Variety of coffees, teas, cocktails, smoothies and fresh juices will be there too. You can see their menus here. MANORA’s menu list


On that day, we tried Hot spicy & sour shrimp soup, Stir-fried pork belly with shrimp paste and the famous Kway Teow (Thailand noodle soup). Firstly, I was amazed by the unexpected big portion of each order, unlike the pictures presented in the menu book.



Hot spicy & sour shrimp soup was really delightful served with the clay pot, a beautiful dish including noodles, curry soup, a couple of big shrimps, vegetables and boiled eggs. It was not too salty as it looked and really tasteful which was worth paying 8,900 Ks.

Stir-fried pork belly with shrimp paste (7,500 Ks) was my favorite one among them since the taste of pork was satisfyingly sweet and soft without any notes of strong shrimp paste on the nose. 

Kway Teow (5,500 Ks) had the biggest portion out of those three and the soup was really flavorsome with a lot of meat there. 


Final Thought


To sum up, it was a great experience for us to find this kind of bistro which can give such a real authentic taste of Thai cuisine and varieties of menus to choose from. It has a lot of good reviews both on Facebook and google. And I think it’s fair enough to pay for the food quality and taste. It was a satisfying visit and I would like to try outdoor sitting next time.


  • Address : Level 5, Junction City, near Bogyoke Market, Yangon.
  • Ph number : 09 799 799939
  • Opening Hours : 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM 
  • Rating : Food : 9 / Ambience : 9 / Service : 7


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