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Our five picks this week

Photo by Huong Ho on Unsplash

Have you planned your weekend? If not, check our guide. We’ve got mooncake shops, a come 3-pay 2 buffet promotion, and more!

New things we have noted

Since the mid-autumn festival is around the corner, many hotels in Yangon have begun offering mooncakes. You may grab yours at places like Melia Yangon, Pan Pacific and Parkroyal. These are the two more places our friends recommend: Xiao Er Chinese Cuisine and Phd.Cooking Myanmar.

Promotion we’re trying

Melia Yangon’s Come 3 Pay 2 buffets are unmissable. The buffets are served on Friday (dinner) and Saturday (lunch and dinner) at only US$25/head. Call 09 940 407 700 or 01 934 5000 to book.

Place worth revisiting

Rangoon Tea House has introduced a new menu focused on Japanese delicacies such as foie gras hot stone rice and wagyu sando from 5pm-10pm. If you’re a Japanese food lover, this is a can’t-miss opportunity. While you’re at it, check out their rainy days deals, too!

Event for you

Although we’re too old for this event, we definitely recommend to those who have children under 12. French Institute’s Youth Workshop will feature a movie this Saturday where children can discuss and share their thoughts on the movie. This is a great place to make new friends and broaden one’s horizons.

(10:30am – 12:30am) 13 August | French Institute Myanmar

Event we will visit

As the name suggests, the Myanmar Product Promotion Fair aims to raise awareness on local products and find markets for them. Expect farm produce, handmade crafts, consumer goods, etc.

(9am – 5pm) 19-21 August | Kantharyar Shopping Center



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