Yangon is famous for premium gyms and luxurious swimming pools. But do you know that it is also a great place for playing and learning badminton? Here is your guide to 11 badminton classes and courts in Yangon!


This is a multi-purpose sports ground where you can play, train or learn swimming, table tennis, badminton, billiard, snooker, and Taekwondo. The entry fee for one day is US$25 and you can do all the sports there. The badminton class with the Gold-class coach will cost Ks400,000 for learning one by one and Ks300,000 if you learn it with another person. The fees are lower for the Silver-class coach at Ks250,000 and Ks180,000 respectively. The class will take eight 1-hour sessions spanning a month.

5th & 6th Floor, Times Mall, Kyun Daw Street, Kamayut Township, Yangon
09 888 669 899

8 AM – 10 PM


The badminton court is for rent at Ks9,000/hour. It also gives badminton classes occasionally if you want to learn from the beginning. The basic rate for a class is Ks100,000/month for 8 sessions.

No 2 street, Ward-8, Waizayantar Road, South Okkalapa, Yangon
09955619219, 09401795078

6 AM – 10 PM


The badminton court rental costs Ks12,000/hour You can also rent rackets at Ks3,000 but the price varies with the duration. The one-month class will cost Ks100,000 for 3 days/week.

No 155, Yogi Kyaung St., Hlaing Township, Yangon
09 758 02 9988

6 AM – 11 PM


The one-hour badminton court rental fee is Ks10,000. Booking required. The coaches are available if you wanna learn badminton from scratch. The classes with a local coach will cost Ks100,000/month (eight sessions) and a foreign coach will cost Ks350,000 for weekdays and Ks400,000 for weekends a month.

Bayint Naung Road, North Dagon, Yangon
09 881 555 001, 09 881 555 002
7 AM – 8 PM


The court is for rent at Ks10,000/hour. The classes are also available at Ks100,000/month. They have a standby coach so you can negotiate the schedule.

No 236(B), Sat Hmu 4 Street, Tarmwe, Yangon
09 899 3444 22
7 AM – 9 PM


This is a fairly new court. The court rental is Ks19,800/hour. You can buy memberships for training, too. The weekday classes are Ks135,000, and the weekday and weekend classes are Ks165,000. Each class includes 12 sessions.

Corner of Zawana Street and Thiri Ayeyar Street, Thingangyun, Yangon
09 44797 4995
6 AM – 9 PM


You can play not only badminton but cricket and table tennis. The badminton court rental is Ks9,000/hour. The classes are Ks80,000/month for 8 sessions (2 days/week) or Ks100,000/month for 12 sessions (3 days/week).

No 915, Ngar Man Aung Paya Street, 33 Ward, North Dagon, Yangon
09 79 4444 219
6 AM – 6 PM

(Class only)

The class is Ks80,000/month and you can choose either morning or afternoon class. The duration is 3 hours and 3 days/week. The class will be held at Myanmar Badminton Federation Court on the 2nd Lanmadaw Street. Call 09450052421 for more info.

(Class only)

Classes are offered at Ks80,000/month for 2 days a week at Hlaing sports Complex in Hlaing Township and Ace Badminton Court in Tamwe. You can call 09 986 882 105 or 09 977 184 565 to negotiate the schedules.

(Class only)

The monthly training class is priced at Ks120,000. You can choose either weekends at Waizayantar Court or weekdays at Ace Court. Call the coaches at 09 502 7774 or 09 425 979 186 for available schedules.

(Court only)

The federation’s court is open for training and private play. The minimum session is 2 hours at Ks25,000 for locals and US$25 for foreigners. Book in advance.

No 320-332, Anawrahta Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon
01 221 496, 09 420 706 002
6 AM – 10 PM


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